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‘Teen Wolf’ Spoiler Free Review: 6×18 and 6×19

Teen Wolf spoiler free review of 6×18 and 6×19 airing September 17, 2017 

Since this is a two episode review, we can’t give too much info about 6×19 without spoiling 6×18, so it’s just the basics for this round! You won’t want to miss these episodes, they are EPIC!

Anuke-ite mystery. There are some MAJOR developments in the Anuk-ite search. Liam being a terrible student actually comes in handy in cracking this big mystery and we love him for it. We learn more about the other face of the Anuk-ite. Some crazy stuff goes down and there are a few surprising reveals in this story line.

Team ups. There are some super fun team ups in these episodes. Mason and Theo are paired together and it gets a little tense. Malia and Lydia are working together and it’s awesome, funny and then very emotional. Lydia and Peter have to do a little problem solving and it’s full of delightful snark.

Creepiest kiss ever. Seriously, EVER.

Scalia. Things get reeeaaaaal steamy between Scott and Malia. If you love them, you’ll love these episodes.

Someone is back and it’s epic. Argent is on a mission to find someone and it all plays out like the trailer to a really cool action movie. I am sure MTV will give the spoilers of this during the week, but in case they don’t – we won’t tell you. Just know that it’s a returning fav and we PUMPED!

Family reunion. There is a bit of a family reunion, but not the fun kind.

“Where is he?” line. It’s not about Stiles or Parrish, but Lydia says it in one of these episodes.

Lots of training. Once Scott realizes that there is only one way to defeat the Anuk-ite, he seeks help from a wise source. It’s such a smart plan but things never go as planned for Scott.

The war. The war isn’t coming, it’s here and there are already causalities. The pack is ready to fight.

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Teen Wolf 6×18 and 6×19 Scorecard:

Scalia score: 10/10 (Yowza) 

Stydia score: 0/10 (It’s just plain weird at this point. I don’t get it.) 

Lydia being fierce AF score: 5/10

Theo redemption score: 6/10 (Squeal!)

Tension score: 10/10 (AF)

Emotions score: 7/10 (Lots of feels.)

Returning peeps: 9/10 (So awesome!) 

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