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‘Teen Wolf’ 6×17 Recap: “Werewolves of London”

Teen Wolf 6×17: Season 6, Episode 17, “Werewolves of London,” Aired September 10, 2017 

Yay! Jackson and Ethan are back they aren’t the only ones! We also learned more about the Anuk-ite and what the pack needs to do to defeat it. Let’s break it all down!

Werewolves of London. They are back! Ethan and Jackson are not a pair that we would have put together initially – but we are so, so happy that the Teen Wolf writers gifted us with this couple! Their return also opens up the story line of the Gerard’s global supernatural take down plan. Gerard sent hunters to capture them but they didn’t know what they were up against – clearly.

Ethan and Jackson. We open with Ethan calling Jackson from their swanky London flat. He is unhappy that his bf is late for their anniversary celebration and its adorably hilarious. Ethan thinks that Jackson forgot their big night, but really (as we mentioned above) he was kidnapped by hunters! They fight and use their lie detecting technique on the hunters to figure out why they were targeted. They realize they have to go back to Cali.

Werewolves of London

Melissa and Scott. If you didn’t get a little emotional during this scene then you may need to check your pulse because – whoa. In 6×16’s attack, Melissa was injured badly but she is going to pull through. She tells him to fight and we immediately see a switch in Scott’s face. He is done with this BS that put Lydia, Mason, and both his parents in the hospital. He’s ready to fight! Also, nobody mentioned Argent. Is he okay!?

Monroe and the Sheriff. OMG, this scene. What starts as the Sheriff listing all the reasons Monroe shouldn’t trust Gerard, ends with him being kicked out of his own station. This women has some skills and we are equally impressed and annoyed. It really looked like the Sheriff was getting through to her but in a quick flip of a switch, Monroe was back calling the shots. She convinced all of the Deputies that the Sheriff wouldn’t pick their lives over the lives of the supernaturals and he was booted. Not cool.

Scott’s army – attempt #1. Now that Scott is pissed, he calls in someone who (he hopes) will help him take down Gerard once and for all. He called Deucalion! This isn’t the heartless killing machine we once knew. He has his eyes back and a new found zen attitude. Despite Scott and Malia’s best efforts to convince him, Big D wants no part in this fight and he leaves. It was a bust but at least we got to see Malia try her hardest to hit him and Deucalion dodge it all like a boss.

Werewolves of London

Liam and Theo. In the locker room at the high school, Liam is calmly asking around for info on who shot up Scott’s house. JK – he is smashing Gabe’s head into the mirror. Theo comes in to stop him in the most Theo way possible (like – murder is so much work, bro). Liam let’s Gabe go but then Gabe mentions the “other bodies” and it’s suddenly Theo’s turn to smash Gabe’s face on the mirror! What a team!

Lydia. This poor girl. Lydia is still recovering from her injuries when she is launched into an icy (literally) banshee vision. She wanders the frost covered hospital and ends up at the morgue where Halwyn’s body is. The drawer he is in is burning hot and when she pulls it open, she realizes what she has to do. Side note: Lydia got shot and nobody called Stiles? Um, WTF.

Scott’s army – attempt #2. PETER! The snarky former villain is back and it’s amazing. Scott and Malia try to convince him to join their army to fight Gerard but he refuses. Why? Well, he has a great life, 2 super rare cars and (mainly) because he doesn’t think Scott has what it takes to win. Peter thinks that if Scott won’t kill, he won’t win. To prove it, Peter gives one of Monroe’s followers a loaded clip. Scott knocks him out instead of killing him and (with his point proven), Peter decides not to join Scott.

Werewolves of London

Daddy/daughter bonding. After Scott’s unsuccessful attempt to get Peter to join them, Malia calls her Pops to meet. She thinks that he if knew all of the facts about what they are up against, he would fight with them. Malia jabs Peter’s claws into her neck so he can see the Anuk-ite and feel the fear. He still refuses but now it’s just because he doesn’t think they can beat it. Oh, Peter.

The Anuk-ite. Gabe shows Theo and Liam the bodies he has been hiding in a freezer. He tells them how he and Aaron have been testing people to see if they are supernaturals and Gabe was worried that they’d get in trouble. What Gabe didn’t know was that after they checked people, Aaron goes back to check to see if they are spider compatible. The ones that aren’t have no eyes left (like the bodies they are looking at in the freezer). Ew. Theo and Liam realize that Aaron is the Anuk-ite and he is looking for his other half! And dumb Gabe has been unknowingly helping him.

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Scott’s army – attempt #3. Malia and Scott’s third attempt to find more folks for their army leads them to a pack that has abandoned all things human, called the Primal. When they go to see them, they are all dead – killed by the Anuk-ite. Before they can investigate, Lydia shows up! Halwyn (the “dead” Hell Hound) led her there too! He wanted her to find a body. Scott and Malia question her, but she shuts them down and they find another fleshy bod in the woods. Now they know that the Anuk-ite’s other half is a werewolf from the Primal pack!

“I’m a harbinger of death. Trust me.” – Lydia

Gabe and Nolan. Nolan is still super conflicted about all of this. He is in the locker room talking to Gabe about the shooting at Scott’s house when Gabe spills the beans. Gabe was the one who shot up the house but he told Monroe that Nolan did it so Monroe wouldn’t kill Nolan. It’s nice gesture to want to keep Nolan alive – I guess? But dude, WTF. This won’t end well for either of them.

Peter’s back! The hunters blew up BOTH of Peter’s cool cars and he is pissed. He tells Theo, Liam, Scott and Malia that that is the reason he is joining their fight, but Malia calls BS. Eventually, Peter tells her the real reason he came back. When Peter was in Malia’s head, he didn’t just see the Anuk-ite, he saw Malia’s feelings for Scott. Then we see a montage of Scalia moments and Peter says that Scott is going to get himself killed. That’s why he’s back.

“Don’t fall in love with a dead man.” – Peter

“Too late.” – Malia

Back in Beacon Hills. How iconic is it to see Ethan and Jackson walking the halls of Beacon Hills High School once again? Unfortunately for them, they run into Monroe almost immediately. She somehow manages to get them tied up in her little electroshock dungeon to grill them for info. Jackson being his sassy, dick self is the best. They also use their talk/listen thing on her and it works. She’s rattled and they know it. Awesome!

teen wolf spoiler free review 6x17

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