Our favorite relationships on ‘This Is Us’

One of the reasons that This Is Us is such a tearjerker includes the many relationships present on the show. The characters are linked together in various ways and you can feel the bond that they have with one another. Between the sibling relationships, romance, and parental bonds – there is no shortage of love in this beloved series.

While we look forward to what comes next for our family, let’s look at some of the best relationships on the show. It was hard to narrow down the list since – let’s face it – every relationship is fantastic. But the ones below stand out the most.

Jack and Miguel

Okay, I know. I know. We’re still struggling with the fact that Miguel ends up with Rebecca in the end. Plus, we don’t know how things played out before and after Jack’s death. However, it is clear that Miguel and Jack were the best of friends and even today, Miguel still loves his long lost friend. Just look at the scene with Kevin where he tells him that being around him makes Miguel feel like he has Jack back.


Kate and Randall

It is very clear that Kate loves her brother. When Randall loses his father, William, she is devastated and realizes that he is now dealing with losing another father. They have a beautiful scene together that shows how much love they have for each other.


Kevin and Randall

The show has made it clear Kevin was not the best brother to Randall. We see that he didn’t spend much time with him. Eventually, he tried to make things right. One of the first steps came when he rushed to Randall’s side knowing his brother was hurting. It was a moving and poignant moment between the two and I’m excited to see how their bond continues to grow.


Randall and William

Before his father died, Randall did his best to get to know the person he was. He missed out on 36 years with him and only got to spend months with the man who helped give him life.


Randall and Rebecca

We see Randall is very close with his mother. But when her secret comes to light, a rift forms between them. Despite all they went through, it is clear Randall and Rebecca love one another. She just wants to reconnect with her son and be as close as they once were.


Jack and Kate

We can see that Jack has a special bond with his daughter, from trying to cheer her up with a silly shirt at the pool or doing the Vogue to make her feel better at her birthday party. Despite not being in her life, the connection Kate has with her father is still present and I can’t wait to see what happens with their relationship in the flashbacks.


Kate and Kevin

As twins, Kate and Kevin have a special bond with one another. They shared a womb for nine months and Kate has always been the one to take care of him. Of course, there are times when you need to begin breaking away from your siblings to focus on yourself and this is what Kate has to begin doing. But despite all of that, I love how close they are and how they take care of each other.



Randall and Beth

From the first moments of the series, we saw how devoted and in love with one another Randall and Beth are. She has been there for him through everything – from finding his father to dealing with the aftermath of his loss. I love these two together so much and I am still waiting for the day we find out we get to meet young Beth!


Randall and Jack

From the moment Jack saw newborn baby Randall, he knew he was meant to be part of their family. It didn’t matter what anyone else said or thought, he was ready to welcome this beautiful baby boy into his family. Jack and Randall had a deep bond, so much so that Jack was able to calm Randall down from a panic attack like no one else. His methods would later help Randall ease William as he was dying. The love Jack had for Randall continues on even years after his death.


What are your favorite relationships on the show? Hit the comments and let us know!

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