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The fandom has spoken and Operation “Save Dark Matter” is in full effect

Oh, Raza Crew. I go away for vacay and come home to the horrible, no good news that our beloved show has been canceled. It wasn’t down to ratings or even social media presence. According to series creator, Joseph Mallozzi, Dark Matter is considered one of Syfy’s most watched shows of 2017. Still, our show has been canceled and now we as a fandom push back. Mallozzi made it known earlier in the season that he has had a five-year plan for the series and the threads have always been there. Plot points from seasons past would suddenly and flawlessly be woven back into the current narrative. The S3 finale left us with one huge cliffhanger.

Mallozzi has kept fans posted about the potential for the show to continue elsewhere via social media and his blog posts. His most recent post praises the efforts of the Dark Matter fandom and reveals that talks for a possible renewal elsewhere are going into high gear.  Petitions like this one have been getting a lot of attention and there are some serious social media campaigns allowing fans to tweet and post out their continued interest in two more seasons for Dark Matter. Just enough room for the story to play out to completion as Mallozzi envisioned.

@DarkMatterFTL has been setting Twitter on fire nightly at 9PM EST with some very interesting #hashtags. Our fans, the cast and crew have joined in on the fun tweeting out for #ItsBubbaTime and #BoobsandBlasters. Some of these tweets have seriously been winning the Internet. @DarkMatterFTL generally announces the #hashtag of the night about 45 minutes before it’s time to post and they ask that everyone wait until 9PM EST on the dot to start posting for full effect. You can tweet at @Netflix or any other venue that you think might be a good place for the show. Also, include “Dark Matter” in your tweets. It’s happening again tonight and it is more important than ever that we’re loud about our love for this amazing show.  Check out some of the best tweets so far from the campaign to save Dark Matter: 



There were seriously so many great tweets and I cannot wait to see what they come up with tonight. Be sure to join in on the fun. Follow @DarkMatterFTL for your marching instructions and get tweeting. Fandoms have done some amazing things. Recently, the fans got loud enough to get some much needed closure for Netflix’s Sense8 and other shows have seen some of the same positive results. Let’s get loud for our Raza Crew. #TeamRaza

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely am not ready to say goodbye to these faces. Join in with the tweetstorm happening tonight and scheduled for every Friday night. If you haven’t already go sign a petition. Make yourself heard. Bring back our Crew.

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