10 reasons to get excited for the ‘Dynasty’ reboot

The Dynasty reboot airs Wednesday, October 11th at 9/8c on The CW

Dynasty reboot

There’s so many reasons to get excited about the Dynasty reboot! So we decided to make a list and narrow down the most important ones to get you pumped! The show will be here in just over a month, and we want to make sure you’re prepared for the awesomeness that is going to be this show!

10. The precedent of the original

The original Dynasty was some seriously good TV back in the day. If you were one of the people who watched it when it aired, we weren’t calling you old. Promise. Okay, maybe a little, but we’re sure you’ve aged like a fine wine! Anyway, this was one of the first soaps to hit the prime time slot and boy was it ever a soap! With the original being so amazing, we just know the Dynasty reboot is going to have us cheering!

9. The relationships

Dynasty reboot

When the show originally aired in 1981, the character of Steven Carrington was one of the first openly gay main characters on television. There was controversy with the show runners’ decision, leading to an attempt to change the sexual preference of the character. So the excitement to see a Steven Carrington comfortable in his sexuality is through the roof! The relationship between Steven and Sam is going to give us all the feels, and we’re excited.

8. The sass

Dynasty reboot

Who doesn’t enjoy a show with some sassy characters? There’s no show out there that’s going to give the same amount of sass as this one. By that, we mean a lot. Like, a lot. Every look, smile, and backhanded compliment comes from a true place of sarcasm and there’s nothing better! For all of us who live ordinary lives, getting into an all out drama fest is our chosen escape from the world. The men and women of this show won’t be holding anything back!

7. The new age

Dynasty reboot

Let’s be honest, regardless of how much we loved the original Dynasty, the age left a bit to be desired. The reboot is going to bring this story back fresher than ever! Our favorite, Blake Carrington is going to be a bit younger than the original. Which means Cristal will be in a different age group as well.

6. Girl fights

Dynasty reboot

Everyone likes a good girl fight. The reboot will probably offer us more fights in general, but there’s just something about girl fights that is so fun to watch. With Fallon’s father attempting to marry a woman her age, there’s bound to be some tension there to begin with. Add in the fact that Cristal isn’t exactly being truthful and you’ve got a real problem that can only be solved with claws and hair pulling.

5. The company

Dynasty reboot

This is where things are going to get down and dirty. No one is quite sure yet if the Carrington’s are still all about oil like they were originally. We do know they are an ‘energy empire’. But what stays the same is everyone’s desire to reign leader of the company. Especially Blake’s daughter, Fallon. She’s ready to take her throne until daddy dearest reveals he’s thinking of giving it to his new fiancee instead. There’s a pretty good chance Fallon won’t stand for that.

4. The creators

Dynasty reboot

One thing is for sure, this show is going to be a challenge. It’s got a very big name and reputation it needs to live up to. Not to mention the original had us hooked for nine seasons. But if anyone can handle the job, it’s going to be the team The CW has brought together! We’ve got alums from a wide array of shows including Supergirl, Riverdale, Jane the Virgin, Revenge, Hart of Dixie, The O.C. and Gossip Girl. Just to name a few!

3. The deception

Dynasty reboot

When there’s money and power involved, deception isn’t usually far behind. If it isn’t one person lying, it’s another. The Dynasty reboot is going to give us a world full of traitors and characters wondering who they can trust. If anyone.

2. The cast

Dynasty reboot

This is a majorly star studded cast! From Melrose Place to Private Practice, Grant Show will have a pretty good handle on how to play the part of Blake Carrington. Nathalie Kelley of Vampire Diaries will be able to keep up with him easily as she fights for what she wants. Rafael de la Fuente who you might recognize from Empire makes his entrance as Sammy, who has the hots for James Mackay’s Steven Carrington. It gets better as Elizabeth Gillies of Victorious and Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll joins to play the part of Fallon Carrington to perfection. That’s just the beginning, but it’s definitely quite the start!

1. Family

Dynasty reboot

The most important thing and the reason why we truly watch a show. Whether you’re watching it with family or it’s about family, it’s always a focus. At the root of everything else, Dynasty is about family. They may go about showing they care in all the wrong ways, but at least they care at all, right?

What did you think of our list? Are there any other reasons why you’re getting pumped for the Dynasty reboot? Let us know in the comments below! You can also catch the official promo trailer here!

Dynasty airs Wednesdays on The CW at 9/8c beginning October 11th, so stick with Pure Fandom as we give you all the goods! Don’t forget to follow my live tweet @Sarah_Jeanne17 once the show starts!

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