Home Recaps ‘Total Bellas’ season premiere recap: 2×01, “A Desert Dilemma”
‘Total Bellas’ season premiere recap: 2×01, “A Desert Dilemma”

‘Total Bellas’ season premiere recap: 2×01, “A Desert Dilemma”


Total Bellas premiere recap: Season 2, Episode 01, “A Desert Dilemma”, Aired Sept 6, 2017

Total Bellas is BAAAAAAACK! It’s been far too long since our favorite twin wrestlers graced our television screens. Brie and Nicole came back with a bang in this season premiere episode, and they definitely brought the drama. The Bella Twins and their superstar significant others, as well as their families, are back for more antics. Brie is pregnant, Nicole is finally back in the ring, and their brother JJ is a new father. The plot points that are their lives can be best described by breaking down each relationship individually.

The Bella Twins (Brie & Nicole)

The Bella Twins opened the sophomore season of Total Bellas with a hilarious back and forth about Brie’s changing body. After talking about it for what seemed like forever, Brie and her husband “Daniel Bryan” are expecting their first child. Brie joked that her entire body was swelling and even another part that she didn’t want to mention. Nicole took the dirty route with this joke and hilarity ensued.

The episode was a rocky one for the Total Bellas stars because Nicole’s boyfriend, John Cena, delivered bad news to Brie. John originally agreed to accompany Nicole to Phoenix to help care for the new baby. Brie flipped out over this news and confronted Nicole by claiming John was never available for the family. She even went as far as to inform Nicole and John that the baby would never call him uncle. Eventually, Brie came around to the idea of John being the uncle of her baby due to Cena’s grand gesture. Cena decided to clear 12 hours out of his schedule every week to spend time with Nicole. I MEAN THAT’S WHAT A GOOD BOYFRIEND DOES.

Brie & Bryan Danielson 

Bryan spent a majority of the Total Bellas premiere coming off as a controlling husband and that’s not a good look. Brie surprised Bryan by doing a mold of her breasts while pregnant that he could have which was really bizarre. She wanted to not only do this but also participate in a nude photo shoot. Bryan insisted he was a traditional man that didn’t want the entire world gawking at his naked wife. The idea of Brie posting these photos to Instagram made Bryan uncomfortable, and he nixed the idea. Brie went to visit WWE for the first time since her retirement in 2016 and met up with friend Renee. She complained about Bryan’s problem with the photo shoot, and Bryan was labeled as controlling.

Brie strips down for a nude photo shoot
Image: WWE

Brie decided to move forward with the shoot and stripped down to nothing for the cameras as Bryan arrived. The look on Bryan’s face as he walked in a room of people and his naked wife was hilarious. As against the shoot or uncomfortable as he was, it seemed that he was finally accepting the idea. Once the photos arrived, Brie told Bryan that she wouldn’t post the photos if he was absolutely against it. Bryan caved and the couple shared a tender moment as they marveled at the finished framed results.

JJ & Lauren Garcia 

The Total Bellas premiere brought us a glimpse into the lives of The Bella Twins brother and his wife for the first time. They have been seen a little on Total Divas and the first season of Bellas but nothing this in depth. Brie paid a visit to her brother and sister in law to vent about Bryan’s issue with the shoot. The topic stirred up unresolved issues between JJ and Lauren, revealing their own photo drama. Lauren participated in a similar shoot while pregnant with their new baby, and like Bryan, JJ was against it. He wasn’t against the shoot in general but didn’t want the private pics on social media.

Image: WWE

The tension only escalated from here and JJ moved out of the home, and the couple quietly separated. They didn’t want anyone else to know about it, but JJ confided in Nicole about the temporary split. The drama continued on vacation in San Diego, and JJ snapped at Lauren on more than one occasion. Overall, the two enjoyed being on vacation together as a family, but the future of the couple is in serious jeopardy. I’m pulling for you guys!

Nikki Bella & John Cena 

Nicole and John are the most polarizing couple on the show, and they didn’t disappoint during the Total Bellas premiere. First off, I am so happy to see Nicole back in WWE and competing again doing what she loves. Nobody loves WWE as much as Nicole, and she’s worked so hard to be the best in the business. Nikki and John set the narrative right away for this episode with their relocation drama. Nikki proposed an idea to John about relocating to Phoenix to help Brie and Bryan with the new baby. John’s face wasn’t thrilled from the start, so it’s not shocking to me that he backed out.

John and Nicole toured a ridiculously extravagant villa, and he was acting off about the move. He eventually came clean to Nicole about not being able to do the move, and she looked devastated. John Cena acted weird multiple times during the Total Bellas premiere with his refusal to touch babies. Just odd to me. After an awkward confrontation with Brie, John decided to make a drastic move to prove himself. John arranged to visit Phoenix once a week on his free time to make an effort to be with the family. Solid move, John.

What an incredible Total Bellas premiere! Total Bellas airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on E!

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