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‘Teen Wolf’ Theo Theory: Bulletproof or Backstabber?

It pains me to say this, but I think Theo is full of sh*t.

If you have been following my Teen Wolf coverage, you know how deep my love for Theo goes, so you know that I do not speak these words lightly. For real, I LOVE HIM. He is the bad boy (and bad guy) that started to redeem himself. It’s such a great arc to watch and I was here for it – until it occurred to me that Theo could be #TeamGerard and now my heart hurts.


Let’s look at the evidence.

Theo has always been a bad guy. When he showed up on Teen Wolf, he was trouble. Theo sweet talked everyone (me included) but the guy was hella bad. He ripped the pack apart and killed most of the chimeras. He was unapologetic in his mission to steal Scott’s pack and power. Luckily, Kira was able to send him to his own personal Hell and all was put back to normal, but the havoc of Theo was felt deeply.

Redemption. There was a bright spot in the Theo story that may have blinded us all to his true nature. While in his Hell, he seemed to atone for his sins and let his sister attack him – willingly. After he escaped that place (thanks to Liam) he seemed different. He risked his life to save Liam during the Wild Hunt craziness and they started to get along really well. Really, the chemistry and hilarity of that duo made us forget the terrible things he has done.

His return in 6B. When Theo showed back up, it was heartbreaking. He had been sleeping in his truck, and then he was assaulted by a crazy smoke spider. Theo was at rock bottom. He knew something was going down but he had nobody to turn to. That’s when the hunters showed up and opened fire on him. He was captured and willing to kill and spill all the secrets on Scott to survive. Well, what if he did?

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Nolan. This is when things really changed for me. Here I was, just enjoying the f*ck out of these Thaim moments when all of a sudden it hit me – the Theo we know wouldn’t let Nolan go. Theo would kill the guy trying to kill him and his pal. And then it also occurred to me that Nolan didn’t really seem concerned with killing Theo at all. Could this be that Nolan was instructed to kill the Beta only or is this because Theo is with the hunters?

Gerard’s Beta comments. In 6×16, Gerard talks about how killing Scott’s beta will bring down the whole pack. We also know that Gerard likes to play the long game. What if (in exchange for his life) Theo is feeding info back to Gerard? We know that Theo and Liam have forged this bond and maybe Theo is using that as a bargaining chip with Gerard. Sigh. It would break my Thiam loving heart, but it would make for some damn good TV. And this wouldn’t be the first time Theo betrayed the pack.


What do you think? Do you think Theo is with the hunters or has he turned a new leaf? 

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