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‘Teen Wolf’ Spoiler Free Review: 6×17 “Werewolves of London”

Teen Wolf spoiler free review of 6×17 “Werewolves of London,” airing September 10, 2017 

Here it is! Guys, I think it’s one of the strongest of 6B and we only have a few left! Don’t let the ships take away from the fact that Teen Wolf is almost over. Savor each one!

Jackson and Ethan are back. OMG. Everything about Jackson and Ethan’s return is amazing. They are such a great team and now I want THIS spinoff! We have seen most of their return but it didn’t dull the impact. They are awesome together!

Aftermath of 6×16’s shoot out. It’s worse than we thought. It wasn’t just one person that was injured. Or two. Or three. And Scott is PISSED and the rest of the pack is too. Prepare for emotions.

Lydia. When this is all over, someone take this girl on vacation. Things get intense for her and it’s chilling. It’s also super cool to see her really own her powers.

Monroe. Just when I thought I couldn’t hate her more, 6×17 happens. She has corrupted so many and now she is causing problems for the Sheriff and it’s super annoying. GO. AWAY.

Tension. This episode is super tense at times. It’s all building toward something and you can feel it. Next week there are two episodes and they are gearing up to be explosive.

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Scalia. OMG – the cuteness. I can’t even. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this pairing at first but I really love them as a duo now. They always have each other’s backs and have faith in each other’s choices. We get to see more of that but with someone else’s take on it and it’s pretty cool.

Humor. Despite the turmoil in this episode, it had some really funny moments. One of the returning characters made me laugh out loud multiple times. I didn’t realize how much I missed having him around, lurking in corners.

Anuk-ite mystery. This side of the conflict starts to reveal itself and it’s pretty cool. We will also learn why Aaron killed Baby Ed Sheeran in 6×16. There is a bigger picture for the Anuk-ite. It sort of feels like the Beast story but with spiders and fear. (shrugs) I still dig it.

Teen Wolf 6×17 Scorecard:

Scalia score: 8/10 (Warm, fuzzy stuff)

Stydia score: 0/10 (I’m sorry!)

Lydia being fierce AF score: 5/10

Thiam score: 6/10

Returning peeps: 8/10 (LOVE. IT.)

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