‘Blood Drive’ season finale recap: 1×13 “Finish Line”

Blood Drive season finale recap: Season 1, Episode 13, “Finish Line”, Aired Sep 6, 2017

On June 14, 2017, the premiere episode of Blood Drive, “The Fucking Cop,” graced the small screen. The promised grindhouse style had arrived. Never before had such things been seen or heard on the Syfy channel. This one episode enticed and repulsed many of the people who tuned in that night, leaving a lingering feeling of amusement and bewilderment at how such a show could be gracing their small screen.

The final episode of Blood Drive Season 1 did not disappoint us either. Okay, so yes, there were many of you out there yelling at the screen, but deep down you weren’t expecting a happy ending, were you? With the amount of death and dismemberment that happened throughout the season, the idea that everyone was going to drive off into the sunset started to fade rather quickly. With two love stories going on, surely one of those couples would make it right? Sadly, no. On a positive side, at least the love story between Cliff and Domi ended just as it should—the two of them wrapped in each other’s arms, dripping with each other’s blood. Ahh… so romantic.

The Finish Line


Our trio takes the fight to the New York Heart Enterprises building, which is somehow connected to the basement of all Heart buildings. How does this work? Well, let’s just go with Julian’s answer to Grace when he explained the weird time warp thing the trio ran into after leaving the lobby. Exactly. Honestly though, just going with the answer ‘exactly’ explains away all those questions we have from the series. What happened to the Tasty Dragon? Exactly. Is there a bridge over the Scar? Exactly. Whatever happened to Caligula? Exactly. See, it works perfectly.


Wait What?

While the plan was to take out the Heart building that quickly changed once Grace discovered that Karma was still alive. After everything that she had done, Grace still wanted to try to save her baby sister. Slink on the other hand came for one thing—to take out the building before departing to the basement with the timer set to go off in 30 minutes, leaving Arthur and Grace to their own devices. What a shocker that turned out to be.

Within moments of confronting Karma, Arthur has been blown away into nothing but a blood splatter. Now that was a shocker! Really, who saw that coming? Then Grace takes herself out as well! Seriously. Way to mess with our heads in the finale. Instead of instant death, they both end up in a white room. How does that work? Exactly. See, that explanation works perfectly.

The underbelly of Heart


Down in the basement, Slink uncovers some disturbing news. Karma has taken out the lab that created his clones from the poor guy split in half. In a flashback, we discover how Slink came to be, but not why he came to be. Why 3,000 clones? When did this happen? Who ordered them? What happened to the original Slink? Exactly.

While Karma did say she destroyed them all, did she destroy all the clones? Was she aware of the backup clones at the Primo event Slink had in the container? Also, we know there were Blood Drives around the world. Since Slink is a clone, were there other Slink clones controlling those Blood Drives as well? Just questions that haven’t been answered but leave us with the possibility that the last Slink did not die at Heart.



Speaking of dying, Aki and Christopher have come full circle in this season. The ever sadistic Aki slowly grew to have feelings for Christopher. When their love blossomed, she regained her humanity, something we learned about in Slinks flashback. Just whatever happened to the original Aki anyhow?

Christopher dove deep into his hatred for Arthur and took on all of the upgrades. As a result, he lost his humanity only to be a (not nearly as effective as he should have been) robotic killing machine. In the end, thanks to Grace’s intervention, Arthur puts down Christopher with a spear to the chest. With all of those upgrades though, there is always that possibility Christopher was just waiting for certain upgrades to reboot. That look on Aki’s face says otherwise, though. Plus Slink did say no more fake deaths after all.


The End is Near

Right at the end of the countdown, Julian Slink, master of the ceremonies, god of the stage, stops the timer for a monologue. Because why wouldn’t he? He has the timer. There is no better way for him to go out but with words.

Moments before the big boom rocks the building, Karma blocks Grace and Arthur’s escape by promptly stabbing Grace in the gut. Things are not looking good for our heroine. With escape by blood gate the only way out, Grace sees her sister—the one thing she has been trying to save this entire season—trapped under a pile of rubble. With a swift kick, she sends Arthur through the blood gate then goes to be with her sister as Heart comes crashing down around them.

With everyone presumably dead, there doesn’t seem like much of a chance for a Blood Drive Season 2. With Arthur washing up on the beaches of Blood Rock Prison, there is a possibility for another storyline. But in the end, Heart Enterprises is still in control of the world. Nothing that occurred in New York seemed to have changed anything. The world is still a horrible place to live in. But, there is one thing that did win the Blood Drive. Love. Even though every love story, even Rib Bone and Caligula, ended tragically.

What are your thoughts on this season of Blood Drive? There is so much left of this rich and diverse world to discover. Should it have another season and go the way of Channel Zero with a different storyline? Only time will tell. Until then, remember to use only the freshest of meats from whatever meat place, and keep those kids fed with the latest treats from Smax Candy.

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