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‘Teen Wolf’ 6×16 Recap: “Triggers”

Teen Wolf 6×16: Season 6, Episode 16, “Triggers,” Aired September 3, 2017 

Holy crap. So much happened in that episode, but before we talk about that crazy ending, let’s start at the beginning.

Aaron’s squad. Beacon Hills High school is officially the worst. Aaron and Gabe are going around cutting the hands of the students to prove they are human and Baby Ed Sheeran Edgar looks scared AF. They finally corner him and cut his hand with the dirty knife (ew), but he heals right away. Turns out, he’s a were-coyote like Malia! Now that Aaron knows what he is, he like gives him a spider disease. Edgar has them crawling under his skin now. Was that really necessary Aaron?

Monroe and Nolan. Nolan is starting to crack. Monroe can see it, but she doesn’t want Scott’s Dad to see it too. He is investigating the escape of the two betas (that Monroe had murdered), and Nolan is clearly no longer cool with Monroe’s agenda. Nolan runs from the office and finds the body of Edgar (Baby Ed Sheeran) and his skin is literally crawling (with tiny spiders). Monroe orders Gabe to kill Edgar and it’s super messed up. Nolan is not cool with it and Monroe is getting darker and darker.

Side note: Nolan just happens to find the body, which furthers our theory that he is a banshee! Interesting.

Gerard. This dude is still running his arms business, but Agent McCall thinks something is fishy. At Gerard’s compound, he notes that there are lots of guns for such a small market and that makes us hella worried about our pack. If Gerard arms the town, then what?

Mason’s trap. Okay, I get that MTV is trying to sell cars with cool navigation systems, but we are also really concerned that Mason doesn’t know how to get to the zoo that’s ten minutes from his school. Anyway, he lures Nolan (who is the worst spy ever) to the abandoned zoo where Liam and Theo are waiting. Nolan calls in the hunters because he thinks that the pack is hiding out at the zoo and that’s exactly what Scott wants. Why? Because he, Malia, Lydia and Argent are at Gerard’s armory ready to break in!

Thiam. When they realize that they need more hunters to come investigate the zoo, Theo picks a fight with Liam (and the fake pack) to really convince the hunters that they are all there. Does Theo really need to punch Liam to sell it? No, but he does anyway because Thiam is very punchy. Their plan works and the other hunters are lured away from the armory! Also, can we pause and appreciate Liam’s love of Greek history? We are impressed. (Us and Theo.)

Melissa. Papa McCall is still trying to do right by his son but he is so new to the supernatural side of this that he keeps underestimating Scott’s pack. Luckily, Melissa is there to check him. She has such faith in Scott and his ability to handle sh*t and we love her for it.

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Armory. Malia, Scott, Lydia and Argent are sitting in a car outside of Gerard’s armory. They have a limited window to get inside undetected to destroy the weapons. Once they get in, the weapons are gone. Scott and Malia catch the scent of the betas behind a door but when they try to open it, they trip an alarm. Sadly, it wasn’t the betas, it’s just a piece of them. Gerard has a piece of their skin (with the tattoo). The armory goes on lockdown. The place is equipped with crazy security and lasers, which put Scott and Malia in some very close calls. CLOSE being the key word.

Lydia. Cracks in the windshield appear as they sit in the car outside of the armory. She doesn’t know what it means yet. She brushes it off until she hears gunshots and shells falling once they get in the armory. She tells Argent and they are both worried AF. People taking Lydia’s banshee stuff seriously is long overdue. Lydia and Argent (who make a great team BTW) try to abort the mission, but it’s too late. All they can do it wait and watch as Scott and Malia try to survive the armory.

Liam’s trigger. Theo isn’t the only one who notices Liam’s elevated anger levels at the zoo. They don’t have time to talk about it because Nolan finds them! Liam wigs out and jumps on Nolan and they fall. It rattles Liam enough to have a dream about the last time he was at the zoo. It was when he was at Devenford Prepwith Brett. After a tough loss, Brett and his goons pelted Liam with Lacrosse balls like some sort of hazing ritual. While we are super happy to see Brett return (in any capacity), it’s super troubling. Poor Liam.

When Liam comes to, he is faced with Nolan, not Brett. It’s clear that Nolan doesn’t want to kill Liam and Liam (consumed by rage) still doesn’t want to hurt Nolan either. Theo knocks Liam out and tells Nolan to run. It may look like Theo is helping Liam, but this is when our red flags go up. If Theo is really with the pack and (knowing his true nature) the fact that he didn’t try to kill Nolan means something is up. Is Theo playing Liam?

Scalia. The lasers are scanning the room and Argent is able to warn them NOT to trigger them. They need a way out and Malia comes up with a plan (while straddling Scott). He has total confidence in her, but after she breaks the lock to the window that they were going to climb out of, a piece of it triggers the system that sucks the oxygen out of the room. Malia and Scott talk as they lay on the floor, gasping for air and she says she still has so much she wants to do before she dies. Holding Malia in his arms like that can’t bring back good memories for Scott. (RIP Allison.)

The rescue. Lydia and Argent to the motha f*cking rescue! Argent takes out Gerard’s men in a bad ass, slow mo sequence that just further reminds us how awesome he is. Lydia kicks some hunter butt too and is able to scream the door open. She saves Scott, Malia and the day (again). This duo is amazing. Brute force and supernatural screaming for the win!

Scalia kiss! Back at Scott’s house, Malia fulfills one of the “things she still wants to do” and kisses Scott! It’s way longer than the teaser and it’s hot.

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Betas. The beta/alpha bond is very prominent in this episode and we are super worried about that. Gerard’s entire focus in this episode has been to kill Liam. Why? Because he says that if you kill an alpha’s beta, he will fall. The bond is close to a parent/child relationship and the fact that Gerard is mentioning this multiple times has us worried about Liam and about Gerard’s son, Chris. Teen Wolf loves to foreshadow after all. We are also super worried that Theo is using his frenemy bond with Liam so that he can destroy him. More on that later.

YIKES. image: Giphy

The map! The plan may have failed, but the pack got what they (hopefully) needed. Back at Scott’s house, they unroll a map of all of the nemetons. Gerard is planning to use them to destroy all of the supernaturals in the world. Not good, but that’s not the worst thing that they realize. As they stand there, Lydia hears the glass breaking noise that has plagued her all episode, followed by gun shells. That’s when someone opens fire on them. Everyone ducks but then we see a pool of blood on the ground and a hand. Someone has been shot and it looks really bad.

Who was shot? Based on where they all fell, it seems like it’s Melissa raising her hand up, but we don’t think it was her. If you look at the photo of the last day of shooting, all of the major folks are there – but one is only there on paper. (SOB!) We will have to wait to see who was hit, but our money is on Argent and we are devastated!


Who do you think got shot? What did you think of the Scott and Malia make-out session? Hit the comments or find us on twitter!

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