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If you haven’t heard about The Resident yet, Pure Fandom is here to help you! For starters, this isn’t going to be your average show. Not only has Fox upped the ante on the medical drama, they’ve created a whole new niche! Keep reading below to find out why The Resident NEEDS to be added to your watch list this fall!

How you’ll get lured in

Fox is going to show us both sides of the coin with this one. The show is going to revolve around a senior resident who has just been assigned to show the ropes to a young, new doctor on his first day. If that isn’t enough to get you watching, good. That’s just the surface of what is looking like a pretty intense show.

Our main character isn’t just a senior resident, but he’s a little on the reckless side as well. Willing to do whatever it takes to save a patient, Conrad Hawkins doesn’t care what rules he has to break along the way. But he isn’t the only rule breaker, as secrets and lies around the hospital are made evident. So who decides what rules are okay to break, and which ones need to be enforced?

The lead surgeon makes a mistake that results in a patient’s death. Will the other doctors cover for him, or will they tell the truth about a shaky hand? The truth behind medicine and hospitals is going to be revealed as this revolutionary show delves deeper.

Who will make you stay

Conrad Hawkins, our senior resident, is played by Matt Czuchry. If that name doesn’t sound familiar, you probably weren’t a Gilmore Girls fan as Czuchry played our favorite bad boy, Logan. You may also know Czuchry from The Good Wife. I know I’m pretty excited to see him in the leading role. If I wasn’t in before, I certainly am now!

The Resident

Alongside him, we have Emily VanCamp which is super exciting! We know she’s a fellow resident named Nicolette, and she has complete confidence in Hawkins’ abilities. I’m definitely here for that! The two of them had enough chemistry just in the promo to keep me watching all season! If you can’t quite remember where you know VanCamp from, I’ll remind you. Does Revenge sound familiar? What about Brothers and Sisters? If those still aren’t ringing any bells, we can go back to Everwood. Now I’ve got you!

The Resident

A few others to get excited about would be Manish Dayal, and Bruce Greenwood! CSI: NY alum Melina Kanakaredes has recently joined as a regular also! But she’s not the only recent surprise we’ve received as far as casting goes. Moran Atias of Tyrant has also just joined the cast. Now that’s what I call a full house of talent.

What we hope to see

Fox has made it pretty clear that they’re willing to go to the darker corners of the television tropes. Not only that, but this is a network that will throw out the typical cliches. Hopefully it won’t throw all of them out, as I would still very much like to see some romance cliches. Those are okay. Especially between Czuchry and VanCamp.

The Resident

So many medical shows on television are showing things with what I like to call ‘good doctor’ colored glasses. But when it comes down to it, people wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a big hospital. Naturally, some corruption can be expected, but what else is there? Will The Resident be able to show us not just the decisions the doctors make, but the struggle it takes to do so? This show is going to explore how people think of others in the medical field. They’re human and mistakes happen. But can we afford for mistakes to happen when life or death hangs in the balance?

One thing is for sure, The Resident is going to be controversial. It also shows some great promise, but I may be biased. What do you think? Will you be adding The Resident to your watch list this fall? Let us know in the comments below!

Catch The Resident this fall on Fox! To watch the official promo, just click here! Remember to stick with Pure Fandom as we will have recaps and other goodies dedicated to the show!

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