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‘Teen Wolf’ 6×16 Teaser: Let’s talk about that Scalia kiss! [VIDEO]

Well, hot damn. Scalia is kicking it into high gear.

When it comes to romance, these two were often given the short end of the stick. Scott had two ill fated loves. Allison was killed by the Oni, and Kira is with the Skin Walkers so she can learn to control her foxy self. Malia was a literal coyote and then started dating Stiles after making the switch to human. They were adorable but they weren’t built to last. Stiles and Malia parted ways in Season 5.

Scott and Malia always seemed like a good match in the friendship department. Watching things transition to interest and flirtation in 6a and then going full force romance in 6b has been fun. We would have loved to see a longer build to this relationship and maybe some closure on Scott’s relationship with Kira first, but it’s the last season so all stops are pulled.

Leading up to this relationship milestone (in the vid below), we have seen them dance around the idea of dating. They have had more than one conversation about it (whether they both realize it or not). After a near death experience in episode 6×16, Malia is done playing games. Scalia is happening and we are on board.

Check out this teaser video of Scott and Malia in Episode 6×16!

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