Blood Garage podcast recap: ‘Blood Drive’ 1×12 “Faces of Blood Drive”

Blood Garage podcast recap: ‘Blood Drive’, episode 1×12 “Faces of Blood Drive” aired Aug. 30, 2017

With the season and possibly series finale looming before us, will all our burning questions be answered? Or will we be left behind to become drones and clones for Heart Enterprises? Arthur has achieved full Primo status, but it seems that status also goes hand in hand with another type of status. Being a douche. If you were worried about Chris, don’t feel bad, there was a moment or two there where we were also convinced Arthur had just killed his best friend.

As for Arthur and Grace, they may have had a huge battle and almost maimed each other, but lovers will fight. In the end Arthur was able to turn back around and they got back to taking Heart down. But if you thought Slink was going to let them leave without him, you clearly haven’t been watching the same show as we have! He’s got one last team up left in him! So enter the Blood Garage, where we only have your best interests at Heart. (See what we did there?)

Listen to our recap and drop a comment letting us know your thoughts and feelings on episode 1×12 “Faces of Blood Drive”. Feel free to leave us your final theories as well! Brad feeds on them like a blood engine feeds on people. Sarah mostly just gets confused, but she is great for moral support!

If you can’t get enough of Brad’s podcasts you’re in luck! Join his SyFy group, Brad and Cort Talk! Don’t forget to check out Brad’s Blood Drive recaps here as well!

Blood Drive season finale airs Wednesday, September 6th on SyFy at 10/9c. Check out more podcasts from Brad and Cort Talk.

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