‘Blood Drive’ recap: 1×12 “Faces of Blood Drive”

Blood Drive recap: Season 1, Episode 12, “Faces of Blood Drive,” Aired Aug 30, 2017

Among the many things that Blood Drive does each week, there is one thing that is consistent. Every week, we all do a collective, “Wait what?” at some point during the episode. “Faces of Blood Drive” provided that moment and more. From the revelation of Slink being responsible for Karma’s rise to power to multiple Slink backup copies!!! Blood Drive never ceases to satisfy its hungry viewers.

The Primo

When it comes to drinking the Kool-Aid, Arthur has been busy drinking that well dry after making the transition into Primo mode. Food, women, fighting, and his personal craft brew. It is party city for the Primo, because after all, he did survive the Blood Drive. Everyone else that entered the race is now dead. Everyone except for Grace that is. Yes, The Scholar is still alive, but Slink gave him the fist bump pass. Oh, and then there are those people without a soul who went through the Soul Reclimator. Everyone else though, they are dead. Maybe. You never know with this show.

Becoming the Primo gives one that sense of invulnerability that you can take on everyone and everything. We have only had one glimpse of a Primo before, and I theorized in our Blood Drive podcast that they pretty much went the way of the Running Man winners. Have to say I was pleased to discover this was correct. In a race like Blood Drive, it is the only way the Primo should go out. Some get to go out a little more spectacularly than others.

The fate of the Primo does leave a lingering question about this practice, though. How can all these people join the Blood Drive and not know what happens in the end? Sure, Domi and Cliff took each other out because they were in love and that’s how they wanted things to end. But what about The Gentleman? He had some major plans after he won the race. Surely he knew what was bound to happen at the end. These are questions that don’t need to be answered, but they are lingering in the background nonetheless. Onto more important things — Slink clones!

Bring out the Clones?


All this time we have been wondering how Julian Slink looks exactly like he did in the Kane Hill photo, and now we know. Okay, so we don’t know anything other than there are multiple copies of him hanging around in a storage unit. When Arthur took him out (and seriously, that was a massive surprise), he was just like any other flesh bag. Blood sprayed out in a glorious fountain everywhere unlike the multiple colored fluids that inhabit an Aki and now Christopher’s models.


So just what is Slink? How did he become what he is? We have always known that he thinks far ahead, but multiple copies? Now that is taking things to a new level. But with these multiple copies, just how does his consciousness transfer? Sadly I think these are things that we may never know. I am sure this would have been explained in one of Slink’s spinoffs or comic books.

The Ballad of Karma d’Argento


How fitting is it that Karma ended up in the position she made for herself is all because of Slink. Karma is brought into the fold at Heart with the promise that she can kill her sister. We see right away that she has lost her soul (something verified with the definition of the Soul Reclimator) when she takes out the innocent cameraman. It is clear that she spent time hooked on Red and the institution didn’t do her any favors. Or did it? Before all this, she was just Grace’s sister. She was in the background while big sis took on everything. Thanks to Slink, she ended up rising to the top of the Heart Corporation. Well, while wearing a skin suit that is. Even without the Old Man suit, she is still in complete control. The ability to manipulate Christopher is a prime example of that.


The arrival of Christopher at the memorial was somewhat of a surprise. It didn’t take long to notice this wasn’t our Christopher. Sure, it had been a week since we last saw him, but there were too many odd things going on with him. As soon as the video playback started, you knew something wasn’t right. His death did provide us with a clue. All of those fluid samples were used to create him. You know what that means, right? There is an Aki original out there somewhere. Could she be masquerading as an Aki unit or has she merged into one? Only time will tell. We have seen stranger things happen this season. But still, really Christopher? I mean, really? How could you fall for that video?


The Blood Drive final episode is coming up, titled “Finish Line.” Slink teams with Grace and Arthur to take down Heart, but you can bet that Karma is more than ready for them. Who will prevail? What will become of Aki and Christopher after he takes all of the modifications? Will Karma and Arthur survive? Will Slink kill off everyone? How many gallons of body fluids will we see in the finale? These questions might not be answered, but whatever you do, don’t miss the season finale!

Be sure to check out our Blood Drive podcast recap, and for more Syfy fandom news, head here!

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