The 4 best moments from the new ‘Inhumans’ trailer

Breaking down the best moments from the new one-minute preview of Marvel’s Inhumans.

The red carpet premiere of Marvel’s Inhumans was held in Los Angeles, California on Monday, where the cast and crew and fans alike viewed the much-anticipated first two episodes of its freshman season on IMAX. Refreshingly, initial reactions from those in attendance were largely positive.

In conjunction with the premiere, a brand new spot was shared on social media. Below are a few of the interesting details that I pulled from it.

Ramsay Maximus and his awesomeness

Maximus (Iwan Rheon) in Marvel's Inhumans

You’ve got to admit: Iwan Rheon is made for a phenomenal villain, and I say that with the utmost love in my heart for him! Rheon killed it as Ramsay Bolton in HBO’s Game of Thrones, and from what I have seen so far, he’ll kill it again as Maximus.

But from what I’m hearing, Maximus is nothing like Ramsay. “Ramsay’s like evil, he wants to cause pain,” Rheon had said in a previous interview with Den of Geek at San Diego Comic-Con. “He hasn’t thought about what he’s doing next, he’s just a psychopath… he’ll just do anything in order to get further. He doesn’t really have a plan. He’s like, ‘All right, I’ll kill him,’ and he kills his father, because he’s got a threat. He doesn’t have any emotion. Maximus is very thoughtful and he’s a politician. He isn’t evil and he wouldn’t hurt people; he doesn’t have that in them. He’s a revolutionary who wants to change the way things are. Ramsay just wants to hurt things.”

To me, that still sounds like another “game of thrones” to be played out all again, but I am all here for it.

Miles is inhuman!

Ken Leung as Karnak in Marvel's Inhumans
Ken Leung/Marvel

Okay, I admit, the casting is off. Karnak (Ken Leung) is supposed to be Black Bolt’s (Anson Mount) biological cousin—clearly, they look nothing alike. But when my fandoms cross over, it’s almost too much for my geeky, little heart to handle. I mean, Lost was really good, and Leung’s character, Miles, grew on me. I’m excited to have him back on my screen!

Gorgon has hooves!

Gorgon’s (Eme Ikwuakor) infamous hooves weren’t immediately apparent until this recent spot. Gorgon has the ability to generate seismic shockwaves via “bull-like legs and hooves.” Bull-like, though? More like stallion-like!

What happened to Medusa’s hair?

Medusa (Serinda Swan) in Marvel's Inhumans

Medusa’s (Serinda Swan) infamous hair has unfortunately been the main victim of negative criticism, but it looks like she’ll be wandering around Earth with a shaved head. Medusa suffering from the loss of her dangerous hair actually occurred in the comic books—multiple times, in fact. Based on what I gathered from the footage, it makes sense for Medusa to have lost her hair for story reasons alone. Medusa’s main power is her hair, and I’m willing to bet that Maximus was behind taking it away from her because she didn’t “bend the knee.” See? Game of Thrones-y.

I’m sure it was also done as a practical budgetary move (it’s a television show, which means it doesn’t have a budget of a feature length film), but from a writer’s perspective, it could make for an interesting arc.

I can honestly see Inhumans initially suffering from the bar and expectations set by the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, but considering that it knows its footing (at least I hope it doesn’t go off-track, like how ¾ of the first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did), I’m sure it’ll become one of Marvel Studios’ best offerings to date. Speaking of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., look at it—once it found its true footing, it transformed into a show too good to pass up.

The first two installments of Inhumans premieres back-to-back in IMAX theaters this Friday, Sept 1. Have you bought your tickets yet?

(Featured image via Entertainment Weekly. All other images, unless otherwise noted, via Disney-ABC Television Group and Marvel Studios.)


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