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‘Teen Wolf’ Spoiler Free Review: 6×16 “Triggers”

Teen Wolf spoiler free review of 6×16 “Triggers,” airing September 3, 2017 

School drama. If you didn’t think that Beacon Hills was the worst high school ever, you will after this episode. You will also be left questioning how any of the faculty has a job at that damn school after the opening scene.

Nolan. I still have a lot of questions about him but he is starting to remind me of a conflicted Isaac. And my banshee suspicions just keep on growing.

Monroe and Gerard. If you didn’t hate them before, you will after 6×16. Cold AF.

Theo and Liam. Despite my worry that Theo will betray the pack, his interactions with Liam are great in this episode. Theo’s bond with him feels really genuine and this episode really spotlights that.

Scott and Malia. There are so many moments between these two, it’s hard to even focus on one. They have such a natural chemistry that it makes loving these two together pretty easy. Scalia fans will love it.

Lydia. FIERCE AF! She is amazing.

End. Holy f*cking sh*t.

Overall. This episode is very fast paced and super tense. The ending will leave you with a racing heart and a jaw on the floor.

Teen Wolf 6×16 Scorecard: 

Scalia score: 9/10 (YESSSSS)

Stydia score: 0/10 (Sorry babes)

Lydia being fierce AF score: 10/10 (YASSSSS!)

Theo/Liam score: 10/10 (Love this duo)

Cliffhanger factor: 100/10 (OMG)

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