‘Stranger Things’: 7 burning questions we need answered in season 2

A year has already passed since Stranger Things took the world by storm. The show, which follows a group of kids who find themselves in the middle of mysterious supernatural events set in 1980s Indiana, became an instant hit for Netflix. It is no surprise that the sci-fi series would garner a second season due to its instant popularity. There are a ton of questions for fans to ponder.

Based on the cliff-hanger ending and information we gathered from the latest teaser footage, here are eight burning questions that we need answered in Stranger Things season two:

How does Eleven come back?

stranger things eleven season 2

One of the most exciting moments from the trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con comes at the final moments – the return of Eleven. The season one finale first hinted that Eleven was still out there when we saw Chief Hopper leave waffles for her out in the woods. After using every ounce of her powers to defeat the Demogorgon, she vanishes. Did Eleven transport herself back into the Upside Down and how does she find herself back to through the parallel dimension?

Could Will Byers be the bridge between the dimensions?

stranger things season 2 will

We may need help from Mr. Clarke’s expertise on this one but it may be possible that Will is the reason Eleven makes it back to her friends. After spending so much time in the Upside Down, Will seems to be suffering from adverse side effects. Whatever could be affecting him looks to be spreading throughout Hawkins.

What is the new monster?

stranger things season 2 monster

Season one of Stranger Things gave us the Demogorgon but what will be the threat for season two? The teasers and promotional images are hinting at some kind of gigantic cloud creature ready to wreak havoc. Now, the real question is – does this creature actually exist or is it just in Will’s head?

Where did Chief Hopper go with those men after he rescued Will?

stranger things season 2 hopper

In order for Hopper and Joyce to travel through the Upside Down to locate Will, Hopper made some sort of “agreement” with Dr. Brenner. Hopper entered a car after the successful rescue mission of the young boy but the incident was never fully explained. We know that he goes back to life as normal as we see him at the police station but expect more to be explored regarding the “agreement.”

Is Dr. Brenner actually dead?

stranger things season 2 brenner

Dr. Martin Brenner eventually found Eleven and the boys at Middle School but his current fate is still unknown. The Demogorgon attacked Brenner but it was unclear if he survived. According to the newspaper clipping of the events in the lab posted by the Hawkins’ police station, Brenner “issued no comment” inferring he is alive or the lab is covering up his death.

Will we meet any of the other ten test subjects?

stranger things eleven powers

Throughout season one we learn that Eleven was a test subject derived from an experimentation through a controversial government program. The young girl was raised in the lab by Dr. Brenner, who studied her psychokinetic powers. Instead of a given name, she was referred to as “011” but what about the other ten test subjects? Will we ever learn more about the program and whether the other subjects have separate abilities?

Will Eleven ever reunite with her mom?

stranger things hug

As Joyce and Hopper were investigating the events surrounding Will’s disappearance, they visit a woman named Terry Ives. The woman, who is now mute, is the biological mother of Eleven and participated in the government program and became pregnant at some point. Terry named her daughter Jane but the child was abducted by the lab and raised by Brenner. To this day nobody, including Terry’s sister, believes the child existed. Now that Joyce and Hopper know the truth, will they reunite Eleven with her mother?

Thankfully, we don’t have much longer to wait so grab your Eggos and get ready to binge. Stranger Things season two hits Netflix October 27th, 2017!

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