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How the GOT season 7 finale set up ‘Game of Thrones’ season 8

Game of Thrones: Season 7, Episode 7, “The Dragon and the Wolf,” Aired Aug 27, 2017


SPOILER ALERT: This post discusses the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones. Spoilers ahead!

Was that the greatest episode of Game of Thrones yet? We’re going with yes. With all that happened, let’s break down how the season 7 finale set up the series’ final season.

Also, we’re still calling Jon “Jon”, because Aegon just sounds weird and everything else is already confusing AF. (If you missed it, it was revealed in the Sam/Bran scene that Jon’s true name is Aegon Targaryen, named after Aegon the Conquerer, the first Targaryen who came and ruled Westeros.)

The ice dragon apparently breathes anti-freeze.

Whether it’s hot AF blue fire, anti-freeze, or a combination of both, we now know that the ice dragon breathes shit that can tear down an 8,000-year-old wall and allow for an army of the dead to walk through to Westeros. Guessing by the lightning-fast way everyone traveled in season 7, our guess is that it’s only going to take a hot minute for the army of the dead to reach The North, which means there will be more than incest-drama to deal with in Winterfell. Speaking of…

We’re fine with #BoatSex, and we don’t even care.

But will Jon and Dany be fine with it? Obviously an aunt/nephew incest-relationship is a step up from brother/sister (as far as incest goes), but we can’t help but think that the revelation of Jon’s true parentage will put a riff in the bond of our new favorite couple in Westeros. Dany will probably care more about the fact that Jon holds a truer claim to the Iron Throne than she does, but with the White Walkers at their doorstep they might not get a chance to fight out their claims/figure out their relationship.

When it comes down to it, both Dany and Jon care about protecting the realms of men, so hopefully they brush their family drama aside, deal with Winter, and tackle their family problems later.

Dany is totes getting pregnant.

The foreshadowing was on POINT this season concerning Dany bearing a child. She had a tiff with Tyrion about her successor to the throne, and she’s mentioned to Jon twice about her not being able to bear children. Jon also had a solid point about the witch that told her she can’t have kids—who says her word is truth? Did this witch apprentice under Addison Shepard? Then she doesn’t know f*ck all about Dany’s uterus and what it can do. Spread the good vibes, Dany. We have a feeling you won’t just be the mother of dragons, but mother to your nephew’s kid.


Jon will finally ride Rhaegal.

Jon riding the dragon named after his birth-father is all too perfect, and it’s bound to happen in season 8. There are few things left fans need in the final season, and having another person ride one of Dany’s dragons (the Night King doesn’t count) is one of them. We’re thinking the icing on the cake to Jon’s reveal will be him hopping on the dragon, solidifying that the maester’s diary entry and Bran’s visions are true.

Jaime is finally joining team Dany/Tyrion.

Here’s where Cersei f*cked up: She took the one (and only) person that loves her and turned him against her. Jaime was the only person that had hopes for Cersei to do the right thing. When he thought she had finally made a sound decision as queen, she turned around and made him feel like an idiot.

When she called him stupid after she saw him mapping out where he and the Lannister army would meet Jon/Dany in the North to fight the dead, the look on his face about broke our hearts. When Jaime called her bluff on having The Mountain kill him and Cersei saw him walk away from her, her expression showed us that she finally realized she lost Jaime. Not even their baby can save their relationship. To Jaime’s point, their baby will have no future if they don’t fight the army of the dead.

We’re still going with the theory that Cersei isn’t really pregnant, and next season Jaime will kill her, fulfilling the prophecy.

Cersei’s Essos army doesn’t mean anything.

Where Cersei f*cked up, part deux: She thinks that buying an army will make her strong like Dany. Dany freed her army, then they followed her out of love and loyalty. Money can’t buy your war, Cersei! We’re anticipating that Cersei uses this army to take back some Westerosi lands while Dany/Jon are off fighting the Night King, and they end up getting squashed by the army of the dead. At least, that’s what we hope. If her army sees the army of the dead, you can guarantee they’ll toss up their contract and get the hell out of dodge. They’re fighting because they’re paid to, not because they “believe in Cersei” like the Unsullied/Dothraki do with Dany.

Was Jaime leaving the first step towards his “Prince that was Promised” theory?

Check out our post on the theory that claims Jaime is the PTWP and not Jon. It would be an unpredictable turn of events, especially since the show seems to be putting the R+L=J storyline on hard.

On the flip side, here’s our theory that helps prove Dany is the PTWP, and how Khal Drogo plays a role.

The Starks are finally united: No more family drama.

We don’t have to worry about any potential Arya/Sansa drama anymore, and we’re glad. While their plotting against Littlefinger was a tad predictable, it didn’t make his demise any less sweet. We’re thrilled he was finally called out and put to justice against all of his crimes—leading all the way back to season 1 (and before that, timeline-wise.)

More (Rhaegar) flashbacks, please!

We finally got a Rhaegar flashback, and it was too short! We’re hoping that as more of the history of the Night King, the PTWP, etc. is unraveled through Bran’s visions we get more flashbacks including Rhaegar. We also still think that a young Ned worked with the Mormonts to protect Jon for the war against winter—see our theory on that and how it played into Jon’s journey to date.

Reek/Theon redeeming himself—and possibly saving the day.

Theon is off to save his sister Yara (yes!), and since Cersei sent Euron to Essos to get her army, that leaves the Iron Islands Euron-free and up for the taking. Once Theon realizes this when he reaches the Iron Islands, he could send word to Dany/Jon, who could then burn all of Euron’s ships ships parked at the Iron Islands (or take them for herself.) Oh, snap!


We know it will happen, and it will be f*cking epic. Don’t fail us, Benioff and Weiss.

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