‘The Bold Type’ Spoiler Free Review: 1×09 “Before Tequila Sunrise”

The Bold Type: spoiler free review of 1×09 “Before Tequila Sunrise,” airing August 29th, 2017

Decisions. Jane has a serious decision to make. You probably knew that, but you may be surprised by who helps her make it. Also, she’s not the only woman at Scarlet who makes a big decision this episode.

Politics. There are more than a few jabs at a certain presidential administration in this episode and honestly? It’s amazing.

Kat & Adena. OMG. So much angst. I won’t say much, but Kat really loves Adena. And vice versa. Be ready to cry (a lot!)

So. Much. Fun. There are so many hilarious and adorable moments during this episode. Many of them involve tequila. You’ll be smiling the whole time (well, most of the time – see above.)

Jane & Pinstripe. We get to see a more fun dynamic between these two, a friendship underneath the attraction. If you weren’t shipping them before, you will now.

The Ending. The episode ends on a cliffhanger for every member of our favorite trio. It leaves us wondering what could possibly happen for each bold lady in next week’s finale. Whether it be their career, their love life, or both – we may not survive the coming week of not knowing what’s next.

The Bold Type 1×09 Relationship Scorecard:

Kadena (Kat & Adena) Score: 11/10 (That’s not a typo)

Janestripe (Jane & Pinstripe) Score: 5/10

Suttard (Sutton & Richard) Score: 1/10

Brawford (Sutton & Alex) Score: 8/10 (Yes, really.)

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