Everything you need to know for ‘This Is Us’ season 2

We are just a month away from the second season of This Is Us! While waiting patiently, or impatiently, there have been snippets and hints about what will be facing our favorite family. A new clip has been released to get us even more pumped for the premiere.

In the clip, we see Randall talking to his mother, Rebecca, about adoption. The tears come quickly as we see Rebecca admit that, in fact, it was harder for her to be on board with adopting him than she previously said. But eventually, she grew to love him and he became hers.

The clip definitely has me wanting more, and while we anxiously await the premiere episode, we’re looking forward to seeing what is next for the Pearson fam. Check out what has been teased about the members of the Pearson family for season 2 below!

Beth and Randall plan to adopt

At the end of the first season, Randall told Beth he wanted to adopt. Based on the clip that was released, it appears Beth is not as ready for the possibility as her husband. How will things play out for these two? By the way, when will we meet past Beth? I need more of these two in my life!

This Is Us teasers season 2 Beth Randall

Kate’s journey

Chrissy Metz recently revealed to People that Kate will not only be pursuing a music career, she will also be settling into her relationship with Toby. For Kate, her romantic life and career will be on parallel paths as she prepares to “work for it” in both aspects of her life.

This Is Us teasers season 2 Kate Toby

Kevin’s film

Unlike his twin sister, Kevin will be focusing on his career (despite rekindling a flame with his ex-wife and childhood sweetheart Sophie). A new face for season 2 will take shape in the form of actor Sylvester Stallone, who will co-star with Kevin in the Ron Howard film.

This Is Us teasers season 2 Kevin

Rebecca and Jack’s marriage

The first season finale left off with our favorite couple in the midst of a fight after Jack’s drinking got the best of him. In speaking about the relationship, Dan Fogelman told Variety that the second season would be exploring their relationship, as well as digging into the inner workings of Jack as his own person.

This Is Us teasers season 2 Jack Rebecca

Jack’s death

I’m not ready to find out how Jack died. Questions have lingered on when we will find out. But sure enough in a tweet, actor Chris Sullivan (Toby) teased fans by sharing a behind the scenes photo of the filming about Jack’s death. I have not been ready for this since they first told us Jack was not alive in the present. However, finding out if any of the theories about his death are correct will be something to look forward to.

This Is Us season 2 teasers Jack

What are you looking forward to when the show returns? Tune into NBC for the premiere of season 2 on September 26.

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