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‘Dark Matter’ recap: Season 3 Finale, Ep 3×13 “Nowhere to Go”

Dark Matter, Ep 3×13, “Nowhere to Go” aired on August 25, 2017

Holy Fraggle Rock, people!!! Did you just see..did they just? Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the writers pull out a finale that leaves you reeling. What could possibly top the season ending with our crew captured by the GA or Ryo betraying his friends and Nyx’s death? Welp, Joseph Mallozzi and company basically went all “hold my beer” on us and gave us tonight’s amazing finale. If you have not seen the episode yet, what are you doing in life? Go watch it! Go tweet and post about its excellence so that Syfy can bring our show back for the two additional seasons needed to tell this crew’s story to completion. Seriously! #RenewDarkMatter because tonight’s episode ends on one humdinger of a cliffhanger. From this point forward, this recap will contact spoilers for the S3 finale, “Nowhere to Go”

First, Ryo is ALIVE!!! Granted if you stuck around for the previews after last week’s episode it was a very short cliffhanger or mourning period. After month’s of denial, I finally accepted that we might lose one of my favorite characters. Thankfully, there appears to still be plenty of story left for Ryo Ishida. Tonight’s finale picks up right where we left off. Only, Two’s initial resolve to follow through on the vote to execute Ryo crumbles almost immediately. She looks very much relieved when Six interrupts.

It turns out that Two made a deal with Teku to help Ryo escape his crumbling empire. Ryo’s old mentor and advisor shows up right in the nick of time to save Ryo from being executed (sidenote: I don’t think she was going to do it). It turns out that the older man escaped and he has a fleet of ships at his disposal. He wants his Emperor freed, and will do whatever it takes to get him back. He offers them information in exchange for Ryo’s return. A location for Boone/Alt-Three. The crew wonders if this could be some kind of trap. This comes mostly from Three. He’s super paranoid and still upset with Ryo about his whole “Groundhog Day” thing and getting killed by Ryo’s assassin multiple times. They end up putting their old crew member on lockdown, while they go to check out Teku’s tip about Boone’s potential hidey-hole.

What they find turn out to be, Ferris Corp’s secret shipyard, Project Phoenix. The company has been busy and has quite the Armada being built. Two believes that the company would be unstoppable if allowed to finish their work. The crew considers trying to take out the facility themselves, but can’t get close enough without possibly being discovered. Two decides to bring in some bigger guys. Mikkei and Commander Truffault are back this week. Two tells them that they can’t sit out any longer. They need to help with bringing down Ferris once and for all. Truffault agrees. It turns out that Mikkei has been off making allies of old enemies. She also has a double agent feeding her information from inside Ferris Corp. Who did you think it was? Honestly, I thought that we would finally see the return of One/Jace Corso (Marc Bendavid) or new additions from this season, Solara and Adrian. Nope, turns out it is Wexler from the other Raza Crew. He’s had it with working with Portia Lin and the others.

Three, Six and Two are captured after Mikkei’s new allies, Tralgault betrays them all. The plan was that our crew members would go stealth and take the Maurader close up to the secret shipyard and drop off a bomb that will take down the entire structure. Problem? Tralgault gives them a dud and clues in Ferris Corp. Two is separated from the guys. The Ferris tech wants information on how they fixed the Blink drive, but Two tells the woman she nabbed the wrong crew member. Truffault’s double agent turns out to be the real deal and he helps the crew escape. Except, Three and Two don’t quite make it out unscathed. Three is captured and our Two has been infiltrated by the same kind of entity that took over Three last season. Just a few episodes ago, the crew managed to stop a full-on invasion from dark-eyed aliens that are using androids to infiltrate different corporations.

Hijacked Two is able to keep up the pretense long enough to convince Mikkei and Ishida ships to help her go to war against the shipyard. It must be destroyed she tells them. Five is like…um, but Three is still back there. They should’ve known immediately that something was up when Two was so quick to go “oh, well” about Three possibly dying in the ensuing blast they had planned. Before the crew could puzzle out Two’s behavior, they received word that Three had been rescued from the most unlikely of saviors. Portia Lin saves the day and Three seems oddly cool about going off with her. Should be interesting to see where those two end up next season and what Boone has to say about it.

Ryo has been relegated to his old quarters all episode, but Five calls in for reinforcements when she figures out that Two is definitely not herself. Unfortunately, it comes after Two has disabled Android and sent Six off on a suicide mission.  Five tries to get a message to Six, but the radiation floating around the ships garbles her message.  At episode’s end Six sacrifices himself (or so it seems) and sets off a blast using the Blink Drive. He tries to take down Ferris, but ends up doing exactly as Hijacked Two has wanted most of the episode. A massive wormhole is opened up and here comes those “dark ships” that we’ve been hearing about thanks to Future Five. All of the predictions are coming to pass and we haven’t even met Kryden yet.

Last week, I was finally ready to accept the loss of Ryo. That is not happening with Six. I’m going to hold out hope until the show returns next season and it better, because there is so much more that we need to know about. All those little threads that Mallozzi and company manage to weave so expertly. We’ve still got aliens and an android uprising to deal with. Plus there the matter of Two’s daughter.


Other Finale Highlights

  • Five’s sister was adopted by last season’s uber shady, Alicia Reynaud.
  • Three enters the mainframe and clearly misses Sarah.
  • Two and Ryo’s banter at the top of the episode and watching Ryo temporarily put down Hijacked Two.
  • Six rescuing and then pulling a gun on Two. I almost thought that he had been brainwashed again, but nope he was just checking to make sure that she hadn’t been replaced by Portia Lin.
  • If my excitement wasn’t clear earlier, Ryo is ALIVE and on the road to redemption.

.What did you think of the finale? Do you think Six is a goner? He wouldn’t be the first main character or crew member lost. Here’s hoping that’s not the case. What was your favorite arc this season? What do you hope to see next season? Don’t forget to go tell Syfy to #RenewDarkMatter.


Dark Matter airs on Fridays at 9/8c

Photo by: Stephen Scott/Dark Matter  

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