‘The Mist’ season finale recap: 1×10 “The Tenth Meal”

The Mist season finale recap: Season 1, Episode 10, “The Tenth Meal,” Aired Aug 24, 2017

Before we get started on the finale, let’s get caught up on what happened last week with this official video recap!

We made it! It’s the end of the season, so be sure to check that all your limbs are still attached because it has been a wild ride. This episode certainly didn’t take it easy on us, either. Let’s get into it!

The Mist season finale recap

Like Romeo and Juliet

Everyone is now trying to keep Jay and Alex apart, but nothing is working. These two are bound and determined to be together. Adrian has something to say about it as he freaks out and starts beating Jay with a gallon of paint. The little liar continues his tirade as he says the doctors at the hospital had matched Jay’s DNA with the sample from Alex’s attack. I can’t wait until Kevin comes and kicks your ass.

The Mist season finale recap

Things keep getting weirder between Connor and Nathalie as they try to come up with a plan. You guys are not right in the head. You’re wrong. Very, very wrong.

As Gus is confronted by Kyle in front of everyone about the rations, Gus is saved from having to admit to his secret stash by the arrival of Connor and Nathalie. Gus takes it upon himself to explain what has happened at the mall to Connor. Better start pulling those excuses out of your ass, Gus. Connor just seems unimpressed with the whole thing. He just wants Jay, but for what? I’m not so sure I trust you with your son as long as you’re under the influence of Nathalie.

Connor makes his way to Jay and just leaves Alex and Eve trapped in the room. The Copelands and Heisels really need to figure their family stuff out.

Weird vibrations

Jay picks up on the strange signals and behaviors coming from Jay and Nathalie. Boy, you better run while you can! Of course he doesn’t, which is how he ends up stuck out in the mist when his father pushes him. I would like to have faith that Jay and Connor will both make it through this. Not Nathalie, though. She has got to go.

Tensions in the mall continue to rise as the people are divided over what to do with Alex and Eve. Kyle goes off the deep end and shows he has no problems shooting people. So Kevin better haul ass back to his family.

The Mist season finale recap

Speaking of Kevin, he is able to find Mya as he’s wandering the mall. He tells her the truth about Adrian as they share a relieved hug. Aww, I love their friendship. They both take off in different directions trying to get their group back together.

Kevin has damn good instincts as he is able to find Adrian. Oh boy, is it about to go down! Adrian runs like the coward he is but is quickly caught by Kevin. He gives Adrian a good beating that had me cheering. Adrian bargains for his life by telling Kevin he knows where Eve and Alex are. But then Adrian uses Kevin’s hesitation as his chance to set the mall on fire and make a run for it.


So I  guess we’re back to Bryan being Jonah as Wes tries to explain what’s been happening. Jonah uses his apparent rank to convince Wes to let him go. Wes tells Jonah that he has to leave the others behind as Mya makes her appearance. She tells him about Kevin and that they need Jonah’s help. It’s decision time, and unfortunately Jonah makes the wrong one as he leaves with Wes. You Jerk. Wes and Jonah make their way back to Arrowhead, completely clueless that Adrian has stowed away in their vehicle.

Everything comes to a head as Eve tells everyone Connor is Alex’s father. Guess Jay and Alex do need to stay away from each other. Gross. Poor kids. Naturally, everyone assumes Eve is lying, including Connor. Kevin chooses the perfect time to save his family. He takes Kyle out with one punch and that’s all it takes for pandemonium to erupt. Gus ends up with the gun and forces Kevin, Eve, Alex, and Mya out of the mall.

The Mist season finale recap

The end

Good thing Vic was still outside with the car. Don’t mess with Kevin, he always has a backup plan. Unfortunately, Alex is caught in the mist on the way to the car. This may shock you, but Jay is the one to save her. Kevin tries to get both kids in the car, but Jay is taken by the mist. Kevin chooses this as his opportunity to tell them of Jay’s innocence and Adrian’s guilt.

But Kevin isn’t going to ride off into the mist just yet. He’s going to make everyone in that mall pay for what they did to his family. He rams through the front doors after making sure everyone has their seat belts on.

Connor is the one who helps to clear the debris off the car and tells them to go. But Alex won’t leave without him, so Kevin tells him to get in the car. Then they ride off into the mist, attempting to catch a mysterious train. Unfortunately, it turns out to already be full of people being pushed out by men in black gear. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s Arrowhead.

As one last little treat for the season, check out a behind the scenes look from last week’s episode here!

What did you think of that season finale of The Mist on Spike? Let us know in the comments below if you want another season! We sure do! Be sure to check Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!


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