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‘Once Upon a Time’ ships as Taylor Swift songs

We take a look at Once Upon a Time ships as Taylor Swift songs!

In honor of Taylor Swift literally dropping the best news today of her sixth album release and newest single, I’m picking out the perfect song that goes with the top four ships of the show. There’s no denying Taylor Swift has some of the greatest songs to represent Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen, Snowing and Rumbelle.

Captain Swan: “This Love”


This song is so beautiful, and I think it’s a great representation of Emma and Hook’s love story. This love they share “is good, this love is bad.” In the beginning of their coupling, Emma thought Hook was bad for her because he only cared about revenge and himself. He was troubled and so was she, so she never thought they’d be god for each other. However, as their relationships progressed, we saw how Emma and Hook made each other better people. They completed one another in a way I will always adore.

“This love is alive back from the dead” is the perfect lyric to describe these two. Emma thought she lost Hook when he sacrificed himself as the Dark One. But their love was too powerful for death to take it from them. Yes, not even death can stop Captain Swan’s love story. Thus, their love burned brighter than death. It was Emma and Hook’s love for each other that brought him back from the dead. Ultimate OTP goals.

Their love always came back to each other just like Taylor Swift sings in the song. This love they share is magic because this love always came back to them and always will.

Snowing: “Enchanted”


Everything about Snow and Charming’s love story is enchanting. They were never meant to fall in love. Charming was already engaged to be married, and Snow was on the run, a bandit from the law. However, as their eyes meant, they knew their love was meant to be.

“The playful conversation starts. Counter all your quick remarks. Like passing notes in secrecy,” explains their first meeting. They were so sassy with each other, which was clearly them flirting with one another. As they embarked on their romance, they each knew how to respond to the retorts, as if they were married.  Although they weren’t passing notes, they were passing paths to finding each other. Always.

Taylor Swift writes a song about how enchanting love can be, and it’s something that Snowing shared. It  “was the very first page. Not where the story line ends,” for the two. It erupted into a passionate love story.

Outlaw Queen: “Everything Has Changed”


Regina: a woman who never wanted to love again. Robin: a man who lost his first love and wife. However, as soon as the two meant, everything had changed for them. They embarked on an all too short journey of love.

During the time Marianne came back (aka Zelena), Regina wanted him to “come back and tell [her] why
[she’s]  feeling like [she’s] missed [him] all this time, oh, oh, oh.” And come back he did. His heart told him it belonged to Regina, despite the fact his wife was alive again. Though, it did take him time to realize they were meant to be together.

It was a whirlwind of love that ultimately changed the two lonely souls. Regina knew his “eyes looked like coming home” when she was with him. And then his soul was lost forever, and I am still not okay with that.

Rumbelle: “I Knew You Were Trouble”


Oh Rumbelle…they have their moments. Their love is for sure troubled, but it’s theirs. Even though Belle knew Rumple was trouble for her heart, she couldn’t resist the pull he had on her heart. Just like Taylor Swift sings about. The darkness can be alluring.

Rumple “flew [her] to places [she’s] never been,” and that made Belle love him. They both wanted adventure in their own ways. He was risky and totally the wrong choice, but they still found a way to make it work as a team. She knew when he walked into her life that he would be trouble.

Despite all the trouble they get into, they love one another and can’t bare a future without each other. As I stated, some just the like the pull of darkness more than others.

The greatest thing about the ships on Once Upon a Time is how different they all are. That makes it interesting for viewers. Thankfully Taylor Swift has the perfect songs for the ships. What songs do you think match your favorite ship? Sound off below!

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