Blood Garage podcast recap: ‘Blood Drive’ 1×11 “Rise of the Primo”

Blood Garage podcast recap: ‘Blood Drive’, episode 1×11 “Rise of the Primo” aired Aug. 23, 2017

The end is near! Or is it here? Technically we have a few more episodes left (thank goodness) but the race did come to an end. Kind of. We think? All talk of racing went out the window as a battle dome ending decided our racers fates. We had a shocking reappearance as we said goodbye to a few favorites. Spoiler alert! We’re looking at you Domi and Cliff. I say spoiler alert, but I hope you have already watched the episode. If not, you should get out of here and come back after you watch it! Or be a rebel and continue reading and listening!

It came down to Grace and Arthur in the end, so who ultimately walked away Primo? Join Brad and Sarah as we discuss this game changing, game ending episode of Blood Drive! Don’t worry, there was more than enough blood to keep you satisfied, you bleeders! For an added bonus, there was also a bit of Smax Candy added in. So step into the thunder dome, I mean Blood Garage, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know!

Listen to our recap and drop a comment to let us know if you thought episode 1×11 “Rise of the Primo” was mind boggling like we did! Leave us any theories you have as well! Brad loves to analyze them as Sarah tries to throw logic where it doesn’t belong!

If you can’t get enough of Brad’s podcasts, you’re in luck! Join his SyFy group, Brad and Cort Talk! Don’t forget to check out Brad’s Blood Drive recaps here as well!

Blood Drive airs Wednesdays on SyFy at 10/9c. Check out more podcasts from Brad and Cort Talk.

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