‘Blood Drive’ recap episode 1×11, “Rise of the Primo”

Blood Drive recap, Season 1, Episode 11, “Rise of the Primo” Aired Aug. 23rd, 2017

There are some things that you just can’t come back from. One of those things is about to reveal itself to Grace, and things are never going to be the same.

Blood Drive recap

One last ride

Slink’s idea of one last ride with Arthur and Grace takes a dark turn, even as we all fangirl over Arthur and Grace taking the opportunity to bond and get closer. Man, that’s a solid relationship. Especially considering that it’s only been going on for such a short amount of time. But love is love, especially in a mostly destroyed world!

Things get real crazy real quick as Slink, Arthur, and Grace make their way to their final destination. See what I did there? The blood drive no longer has to do so much with driving. It’s now turned into more of a Gladiator type of show. Or is it Highlander? Either way, it all comes down to there only being one racer left standing.

The truth

All the speculation of the Old Man being related to Grace and how that could be has finally been solved. Was it ever a shocker. The Old Man was related all right, but not in any way you had imagined. It was Karma the whole time. This little sociopath has been walking around in manly meat suit for who knows how long. Gross.

Things get even more disgusting when she reveals herself. Girl, that’s just nasty. I have so many questions about how the entire situation worked, but I just don’t dare to ask any of them! Though, it does bring up many questions pertaining to the story line of it all. Questions like how long Karma has been the Old Man. An excellent theory is that maybe there was an original Old Man, but Karma somehow took his place. Hopefully the truth will be revealed by the end of this season.

Blood Drive recap

The cage

Everything changes when the racers enter the cage. It’s an all out blood bath as Grace and Arthur take on just about everyone, though Arthur refuses to kill anyone. This is something that changes quickly as Grace’s life is under threat if Arthur doesn’t start killing. The escalation continues when Karma makes her way into the ring. she takes Grace’s life into her hands when she tries to stick her in a blood engine. Damn, girl. Where is the sibling loyalty?

It eventually all comes down to Arthur and Grace after Domi and Cliff decide to kill each other. A fitting end for our favorite homicidal couple. They always said if they were going to die, it was only going to be at the hands of one another. But we will definitely miss their presence!

Blood Drive recap


Arthur has gone completely rogue as he prepares himself to take Grace on. She surprises everyone, including Slink as she makes the decision to walk away and let Arthur have the title of Primo. It’s something that Grace no longer wants, and who could blame her? Everything she was fighting for no longer has a point. She thought she could join the race and save her sister and now she knows that everything was orchestrated by Karma.

Blood Drive recap

Grace and Arthur aren’t the only ones making life changing decisions. Chris doesn’t get very far before he decides to go back for Aki. Something that all of us loyal shippers were hoping for. Christopher thinks it’s either with her or not at all. They’ve also made a choice to go after Heart first instead of Arthur. They get more than they bargained for when they find the Soul Reclimator. A tool that Karma herself ends up falling through when Grace gets a little payback for her baby sister trying to kill her. Turnabout is fair play, right?

Slink changes his own course a bit as well. He has been kicked around quite a bit over the course of the season. Finally, the time has come that he’s had just about enough of it. Slink has wanted to be his own boss right from the beginning and since no one at Heart was willing to give it to him, he decides to take it. We all know Slink is the king of the blood drive, and now he’s made it official. No one knows drama and how to create tension quite like the Master of Mayhem himself. But is there going to come a time when Slink realizes the blood drive may have just been ruined for good?

Blood Drive recap

Where do we go from here

This episode was more than just a game changer. In all honesty, it probably could have been a season finale itself, so let’s all just take a moment. We need to appreciate the fact that we still have a couple episodes left. But this also means that there is going to be some even crazier events in our near futures.

The one thing everyone knows is that Heart absolutely has to be taken down in order for any of them to get what they want. Arthur needs to hopefully find his way back to the light. Grace needs to pull herself together and take down her enemies once and for all. Slink needs to pick a side and stick with it. Chris and Aki just need to keep doing what they are doing, because they’re perfect.

Blood Drive recap

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