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‘Game of Thrones’: 10 Questions we have after watching “Beyond the Wall”

Game of Thrones: Season 7, Episode 6, “Beyond the Wall,” Aired Aug 20, 2017

Game of Thrones continues to up the action and drive the plot forward at a rapid pace. “Beyond the Wall” was one of the most epic episodes to date, but we have to admit, we have a hell of a lot of questions now.

Here’s what was going through our minds while watching the episode:

How did Dany’s face not freeze?

No, seriously, why didn’t she have a hat on or something? The windchill from riding at lightning speed on top of a dragon that far north surely would have turned her face into an icicle. She could have dropped some hats down to all the men actually, because none of them seemed to be smart enough to pack even a pair of earmuffs.

Where did the White Walkers get those chains?

Did they have those with them all along just in case the Night King speared a dragon that fell under ice and needed to be pulled out so that it could be turned into an dead ice dragon? Plus, I thought they weren’t down to swim and get in the water, so how did they manage to swim down to the sunken dragon and attach chains to it? Inquiring minds need to know.

Why didn’t Dany try to kill the Night King?

This was our biggest question from the episode. The Night King was right there, walking at snail’s pace no less, just primed to get blasted by dragon fire. Everyone saw him coming. Why did Dany not have Drogon try to burn him? We’ll let this slide, though, because the Night King javelin spearing Viserion was the perfect show of power. Side note: If the Night King could throw a spear a mile in the air with enough force and accuracy to kill a moving dragon, why didn’t he just use some ice throwing stars or something and pick off Jon and the guys while they were on the island?

What the hell is Littlefinger planning?

Is the stunt he’s pulling between Arya and Sansa a simple ploy to get Sansa to trust only him and marry him? Is there something more sinister at work here? Whatever game he’s playing, it looks like he’s winning, at least where Sansa is concerned.

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Is Arya putting on a show?

Would Arya seriously be so daft to believe that her sister is a power-hungry traitor? She’s gone through a lot, but she’s one of the most cunning and aware characters on the show. Could she be putting on an act to make Littlefinger believe she’s falling for his trap? Lord, we sure hope so. We’re not typically on Sansa’s side, but she was definitely in the right this time around. Please be playing the game, Arya!

Did Sansa send Brienne away so she could plot against Arya?

Remember how Littlefinger casually brings up to Sansa that Brienne would stop anything bad happening between Arya and Sansa? Yeah, and then Sansa decides to send Brienne off to King’s Landing in her place? That’s clearly to get her out of the way so that, if need be, she can get rid of Arya before she comprises things at Winterfell.

Are Dany and Jon going to fall in love?

GUYS! Dany and Jon were flirting. They were holding hands and looking like two awkward teenagers in love. Sure, they don’t know they’re aunt and uncle, but Targaryens are all about that incest anyway. Will things change when they find out they’re related? Is it morally wrong to be rooting for them as a couple?

Will Brienne be able to talk sense into Jaime?

We’re all wondering if Jaime will ever see the light when it comes to Cersei. With her now being “pregnant,” it seems more unlikely than ever that he’ll betray her. But with Brienne heading to King’s Landing, will she be able to get through to him? They have an undeniable bond, and we’re hoping that she can open his eyes to the horrible human that is his sister.

How does one kill an ice dragon?

Thank goodness Sam is on his way from the Citadel with a load of books, because Jon and Co. are going to need some pointers on dealing with that ice dragon. Will it be impervious to dragon fire since it’s a dragon? It’s going to take a lot of dragon glass to take that thing down. Get to mining, people!

Can we get a Tormund, Gendry, and The Hound spinoff?

No, but really – someone start the petition and tell HBO this needs to happen. Their banter and chemistry are just too good.

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What did you think of Game of Thrones, “Beyond the Wall”? Don’t miss the season finale next week on HBO at 9/8c!

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