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3 Questions about the Night King’s new [SPOILER] weapon

SPOILER ALERT: Do not continue reading if you have not watched Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6, “Beyond the Wall”. This talks about the crazy shit the Night King did that has everyone freaking out.

Whelp, it finally happened, guys. Dany lost one of her dragons, and to make matters worse, that Night King joker turned it into one of his weapons. Cue our anxiety at AN ALL TIME HIGH.


The silver lining here is that at least it was Viserion, the one named after Dany’s asshole brother who sold her into wife-slavery. We all know Jon will ride Rhaegal soon, with Dany of course continuing to ride Drogon. We’re pretty pissed, though, that Tyrion now does not have a dragon to ride, because we were 100% convinced he was going to be the third rider given the theory that he is a true Targaryen.

Let’s get down to all of the burning (LOL, get it?) questions fans have about the Night King’s ice dragon.

Does the ice dragon breathe fire?

Considering the dragon is now made of mystic-ice, we’re assuming no. This doesn’t mean that the dragon still isn’t a massive threat. Viserion is huge, lethal, and may possibly breathe…ice? Maybe his powers are like Elsa’s in Frozen. Hey, it’s the best we can come up with.

Seems legit.

Can Bran Warg into the ice dragon?

As we’ve said time and time again, Bran still needs to serve some greater purpose other than warging out against a wirewood tree and creeping out literally everyone. Maybe the third dragon rider isn’t the Night King, but Bran warged into the Night King and controlling the dragon? We already know there’s some weird connection going on with Bran and the Night King, so it’s likely. Of course, Bran could also possibly warg into the ice dragon, but that kind of debunks the whole three-rider theory (with all of them being on the good side and all.) For more on Bran’s connection to the Night King, check out our podcast where we break down the possibilities of Bran’s link to the god of winter.

How can Dany and Jon kill the ice dragon?

Putting aside the possibility that Jon and Dany are master javelin-throwers like the Night King appears to be, maybe they can use Cersei’s makeshift dragon-bow and load it with a dragonglass spear? Bronn’s not a bad shot, and because the spear would be made of white-walkin’-kryptonite, it could be all they need to take down Viserion. That would also mean next week’s sit-down with all the Westerosi leaders would have to go well, so cross your fingers.

On the other hand, it was confirmed that killing a lieutenant of the Night King kills a slew of white walkers, possibly ones those lieutenants themselves created. If this theory holds true, all they need to do is kill the Night King and Viserion (and all the white walkers he made) will die. Totally easy to do, right?


Sound off with your predictions in the comments, and don’t miss the Game of Thrones season finale next week on HBO at 9/8c!

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