Taking names: 9 of our favorite ‘Supernatural’ fierce females

Supernatural focuses on Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers who save people and hunt things. With the angel Castiel, the three take on the biggest baddies and save the world.

That’s all well and good, but Supernatural has also given us some amazing and strong women characters. It can be easy to forget just how many kickass females have been featured on the show. So we think it’s time to highlight just a few of our favorites.


1. Mary Winchester

We didn’t know it at first, but Mary Winchester is one of Supernatural’s biggest badasses. She grew up as a hunter and married John Winchester hoping to escape the lifestyle. However, when she came back in season 11, she once again started showing the monsters who’s boss.

Mary Winchester


2. Bela Talbot

Let’s be honest: Bela was one of those characters we loved to hate. She was not a good person and got the Winchesters into trouble numerous times. But there was something thrilling about the way she outsmarted everyone. Though her death was tragic, she ended up giving Dean vital information about Lillith, capping her life with a good deed.

Bela Talbot


3. Ellen Harvelle

Ellen Harvelle was like a mother to Sam and Dean when they were on the road. She cared for them like her own and helped them in so many different ways. Ellen was a badass not only because of how she hunted, but how she loved. She sacrificed herself so that Jo wouldn’t die alone and so Sam and Dean could escape hellhounds. We miss her.

Ellen Harvelle


4. Jo Harvelle

After her father’s death, Jo decided to become a hunter to honor his memory. And boy, did she do a good job. Though she was rusty in the beginning, she learned to hold her own in a world of demons and monsters. She saved Dean’s life by putting herself between Dean and a hellhound. Her death will always be one of the most tragic in the series.

Jo Harvelle


5. Charlie Bradbury

She’s a little bit different from the other ladies on this list, but Charlie Bradbury still has our heart. She was geeky, hilarious, and wicked smart. She started out as a hacker and evolved into her own brand of hunter as the series went on. We miss her wit and determination, and her relationship with the Winchesters. Charlie is one of a kind.

Charlie Bradbury


6. Rowena MacLeod

Rowena might be Crowley’s mother, but she is far, far more than that. She’s a sassy witch with her own agenda, and we never get tired of seeing her in action. Rowena is powerful and calculating—you definitely don’t want to be on her bad side. Since she’s such a strong character, we really hope she’ll be alive in season 13.

Rowena MacLeod


7. Eileen Leahy

Gone too soon. Eileen was introduced in season 11, and soon became a beacon of hope for many viewers. Though she was orphaned and deaf, Eileen was a tough and determined hunter. She held her own in many different situations, and was proof that no matter what your lot in life is, you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Eileen Leahy


8. Claire Novak

She’s the daughter of Castiel’s vessel, but Claire’s no angel. She went through a rough period of her life after her father allowed Castiel back in, but she’s now turned her attention to hunting. And honestly, she’s a natural. Even though she’s still young and headstrong, Claire is a brave character who we love to see grow.

Claire Novak


9. Jody Mills

One of the longest-running “if they die I riot” Supernatural characters out there, Jody has truly been a fan favorite ever since she was introduced. Furthermore, she’s usually the first character to come to mind when thinking of strong Supernatural women. Skilled, confident, and caring to a fault, Sheriff Jody Mills is a character we can’t get enough of. And we’re so excited to see her in action for Wayward Sisters.

Jody Mills


Honorable mentions: Donna Hascum, Meg Masters, Abaddon

So, who did we miss? Who are some of your favorite Supernatural fierce females? Comment and let us know! And make sure to check out our Supernatural fan page for awesome stuff like 4 reasons we’re excited for the spinoff Wayward Sisters!


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