‘The Bold Type’: The best music moments

It’s no secret that we love The Bold Type – it’s a fabulously fun show that effortlessly empowers women everywhere. One of the things that makes this show so good is the music. The Bold Type‘s soundtrack is seriously underrated, so let’s take a moment to discuss the best uses of music in the show so far!

1×01 “Spirits” – The Strumbellas

This may be the quintessential Bold Type song. It accompanied what is arguably the most iconic moment on the show, when Jane, Kat, and Sutton scream at the subway train. For many, this was the moment we fell in love with this incredible show, and “Spirits” will forever be tied to that. It’s hard to imagine any other song in this moment, it was just perfect.

1×02 “Pheonix” – Olivia Holt

The Bold Type Music

In the second episode, Jane struggles with writing a “best orgasm” piece when she’s never had an orgasm. Originally, she decides to write the article anonymously – the anonymity will allow her to be completely truthful. In an amazing moment, Jane decides to attach her name to the article. As she walks through the bullpen while the article is released, “Phoenix” by Olivia Holt plays, and it’s perfect. No song could’ve fit Jane’s moment of bravery better than this one.

1×03 “That’s The Kind of Woman I Am” – Whissell

The Bold Type Music

As Jane and Pinstripe discuss her article (with Kat and Sutton watching, of course) the music perfectly highlights Jane’s confidence. After Pinstripe enters his number into Jane’s phone and walks away, she immediately calls him – “rules” be damned. With him still in earshot, she asks him out over the phone and the music blares “can’t stop, won’t stop.” Get it, girl.

1×04 “Scars to Your Beautiful” – Alessia Cara

The Bold Type music

At the end of this episode, Kat heads to Adena’s apartment to apologize for her earlier misunderstanding. She launches into a speech about how much she admires Adena, and how nervous Adena makes her. She ends it by telling Adena that she really likes her and they finally kiss to “Scars to Your Beautiful”. There’s a lens flare and everything – it’s truly perfect.

1×05 “Someone to You” – BANNERS

The Bold Type music

Towards the end of the fifth episode, Sutton stands up for her worth while Kat has a life changing moment during the Scarlet-sponsored spin class. It’s a huge moment for both of them, and it’s beautifully accompanied by “Someone to You.” The tone of this song is perfect with what’s going on – it sounds inspiring and hopeful, and just goes so well with Kat’s slow motion running towards Adena’s apartment.

1×06 “Survival of the Fittest” – Ariana & The Rose

The Bold Type Music

While Kat and Sutton accompany Jane to her BRCA gene testing, “Survival of the Fittest” plays in the background. Jane has Kat film the experience while she explains that she is overcoming her fear. This song is perfect for the moment – the lyrics say to “get the job done,” which is exactly what Jane is doing by finally overcoming her fear and finding out whether she has the mutation.

1×07 “Surround Me” – LÉON

The Bold Type Music

Our favorite trio ends episode seven in a bathtub (for the second time.) Sutton is sad over her breakup with Richard, so her girls jump right into the tub with her and “Surround Me” plays. This song’s tone is kind of bittersweet, which is perfect for the ladies’ state of mind in this moment. Plus, “finish up your drinkin'” is heard while Jane downs wine straight from the bottle, and it can’t get much more appropriate than that.

To listen to the amazing soundtrack in its entirely, head over to spotify.

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