‘The Mist’ recap: Episode 1×09 “The Waking Dream”

The Mist recap: Season 1, Episode 9, “The Waking Dream”, Aired Aug. 17, 2017

Anarchy and deceit are the names of the game this week. With one final episode airing for the season next week, things came to a head in this one. The final showdown is going to be at the mall, and there’s a good chance not everyone is going to make it.

Before we get really into it, catch up on last week’s episode here!

New teams

Firstly, Kevin is NOT dead so calm down. We can all take a deep breath. Not that I was worried. At all. One thing is for sure, he better beat Adrian down. Also, major points to Vic for grabbing Kevin after Mia, Bryan, and Adrian left. You may have made stupid moves at the mall, but you’ve redeemed yourself in my eyes.

Vic continues on the path of redemption as he helps care for Kevin. The two decide to run from house to house until they get to the mall. Our misty duo stumbles upon some dead soldiers along the way. They search the bodies for anything useful, but are confronted by the homeowner, and he has a gun. Can Kevin catch a break just once?

Kevin convinces the man to stop pointing the gun at him long enough to run. Vic saves the day again when he takes the guy out and then makes a run for it, looking for the military vehicle he knows was left behind. Fully redeemed, Vic. You’ve also achieved full bad ass status.

The Mist recap

But the guy with the gun isn’t done yet as he shows Kevin the grenade in his hand. Kevin uses quick thinking to shield himself and is able to get through it. But due to the blast, the mist is able to surround Kevin. It seems to be attempting to torture him with his own inner demons. But our hero beats down his guilt and he and Vic take off.

The crazy is spreading

Everyone is on their way to the mall, Connor and his group included. Or should it be called Nathalie’s group? Let’s also touch on the fact that they’re traveling through sewers. Gross. Also, I hope the batteries in your flashlights don’t die.

The Mist recap

Members of Nathalie’s group begin falling as Nathalie convinces Connor it’s what is meant to happen. Connor has officially and completely lost it, people! It’s just him and Nathalie now. What has she done to you, Connor?! She’s full on creepy cougar.

Stories and separation

Bryan thinks they should’ve checked on Kevin to be sure. He may not remember his name or anything else about himself, but the man has good instincts. Mia’s response is to question Adrian on exactly what went down. Hopefully this means she’s suspicious also. But Adrian just spews his difficult past with his father. Don’t feel bad for him!

The tremulous trio makes it to the mall and discuss the best way to find Alex and Eve. Adrian’s crazy continues to show as he goes one way and Bryan and Mia go another. Now we’re just waiting for Connor’s group, Kevin and Vic to make their entrances.

Bryan and Mia continue to give us all the feels and we even get to find out where all the money Mia has came from. Bryan wants Mia to rest after her detox and he goes searching for supplies. Great idea.

Lies and deceit

Eve goes to check on Jay. Why? What are you planning on doing with him? My favorite line is her telling him she isn’t a sociopath like him. Well you’re the one who locked him in a dark room. Jay is the one who is innocent and has been telling the truth the whole time.

Eve finds out that not only has Shelley been killed, but the others blame Alex. So she goes looking for Alex, who is out looking for Jay, who has been trapped by Eve. Whoa. It doesn’t take Eve long to track her daughter down and tell her the situation. Way to kill two birds with one stone, Eve. Get Alex out of the mall and force her to forget about the search for Jay.

Gus is clearly unaware of the shit storm he started. He seems surprised that his group wants to see Alex killed for what she supposedly did. This is why we don’t blame teenagers for our decisions. Come on, Gus! He decides the best decision is to send Alex into the mist instead of killing her.

The hunt

Adrian practices his lying sob story while he searches for Alex. He is able to find them fairly quickly and they have an emotional reunion. I would’ve loved for this to be something for me to be excited about. But that little liar just keeps weaving his deceiving web.

The Mist recap

Eve and Alex are devastated as Adrian tells them of Kevin’s apparent heroic death. But they don’t have much time for questions as they hear the other group in the mall coming for them. Eve, Alex, and Adrian are caught in a final showdown with Gus and Kyle. To save Alex, Eve takes the others to Jay. Oh boy, does Adrian look pissed. Better keep a close eye on him.

Meanwhile, Wes finds Bryan and remembers him as Jonah. Uh oh. So naturally, this is the perfect time for Vic and Kevin to arrive at the mall. Which makes it even more perfect when Connor and Nathalie arrive as well.

This week’s episode of The Mist was crazy! Next week’s season finale promises to be crazier! What do you think the final episode is going to reveal? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to look to Pure Fandom for all your entertainment needs!

As an added bonus, here’s an inside look at the big reveal from last week’s episode!

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