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‘Teen Wolf’ Spoiler Free Review: 6×14 and 6×15 airing August 20th

Teen Wolf spoiler free review of 6×14 and 6×15 airing August 20, 2017 

This week on Teen Wolf we will be getting a double dose of wolfy goodness and it’s pretty frickin’ awesome! Both episodes are airing on the same night so this review will be a mash-up of both! Since I don’t want to spoil anything in the second episode, this spoiler free review will be a little more cryptic than usual but enjoy!

The War. Things are heating up on both sides of the battle between the hunters and the supernaturals. It gets pretty crazy and uncomfortable but uncomfortable in the sense that it should be. It is so stressful.

Liam. I want to wrap him in a blanket and feed him cookies. Liam may have started as beta with anger issues but he has come so far. His story line in 6×14 is absolutely heartbreaking and (at times) hard to watch. I was always pretty ‘meh’ on Liam but in 6B, he is becoming one of my favorites. #ProtectMyLiam

Scalia. I don’t think Malia cares about the French men anymore. Things are happening.


New characters and returning characters. There is a lot going on, so the addition of more people doesn’t take away from the story at all, which is good! Some familiar faces are in these episodes to help out. These are peeps that were in 6a and I am so happy to see them!

Villain. We finally get more info on that!


Humor. Through all of the crazy, tense drama, these episodes still find a way to keep some humor. Mason, Corey and Liam continue to be hilarious. And Malia is being Malia, which always makes me chuckle.

Lydia. This is the Lydia we know and love. She is bold, brave and fighting side by side with her pack. Get it girl.

These were two solid episodes and the music was legit amazing. Make sure you watch live and check back here for my full recaps after 6×15!

Scalia score: 8/10 (Swoon)

Stydia score: 1/10 (Being generous but whatever, we’ll take it!)

Lydia being fierce AF score: 10/10 (That’s our girl!)

Creepy factor: 5/10 (Most of this score is in one scene. AHHHH!)

Pack unity: 10/10 (YES!)

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Watch Teen Wolf 6×14 and 6×15 air on Sunday 8/20 on MTV

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