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The 4 biggest takeaways from ‘Game of Thrones’, episode 7×05 “Eastwatch”

Game of Thrones: Season 7, Episode 5, “Eastwatch”, Aired Aug. 13, 2017

Well… that escalated quickly. A lot happened in Game of Thrones‘ latest episode, “Eastwatch”. As the show rapidly picks up its pace with the timeline, we see major things unfold in King’s Landing, the Citadel, Dragonstone, Winterfell, and even beyond the Wall.

There was so much packed into the episode, from Arya not-so-secretly reading a parchment Littlefinger “hid,” to the long awaited return of our second favorite bastard, Gendry. Side note: Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the bromance between Jon, Gendry, and Davos?

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Let’s dive into the episode and some things you may have missed while watching.

Littlefinger’s Letter

Sansa seems to being doing just fine as head of Winterfell, but Arya calls her out for not standing up to people who talk smack about Jon and his decisions. She goes as far as to say she can see how power-hungry Sansa is. The family has just been reunited (well, thanks to all of the time jumps, it’s been months we suppose), and the two ladies are being pitted against one another.

Littlefinger is playing a dangerous game with the sisters in his push for power. He “hides” a letter in his room when he knows Arya is watching, and just waits for her to go in and find it.

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It reads:


I write to you with a heavy heart. Our good king Robert is dead, killed from wounds he took in a boar hunt. Father has been charged with treason. He conspired with Robert’s brothers against my beloved Joffrey and tried to steal his throne. The Lannisters are treating me very well and providing me with every comfort. I beg you: come to King’s Landing, swear fealty to King Joffrey and prevent any strife between the great houses of Lannister and Stark.

Sansa Stark

That’s the note that Sansa was forced to write way back in her King’s Landing days. Will Arya take the bait and doubt Sansa’s loyalty to the family? What in seven hells is Littlefinger’s endgame anyway? The last thing anyone needs right now is instability in the North.

Solidifying Jon as a Targaryen

The audience knows Jon is a Targaryen thanks to the Tower of Joy scene from last season, but the world of Westeros is still in the dark. The writers seem to be planting plenty of seeds for a big on-screen reveal. In the first part of the episode, Dany lands back in Dragonstone riding Drogon. The dragon lands near Jon… and lets him touch his snout. This moment was a blatant foreshadowing and hint about the Targaryen blood running through Jon’s veins.

Game of Thrones eastwatch

And in case that wasn’t enough to convince viewers of the path the show is heading with Jon, we were given the Citadel scene. Sam and Gilly are looking through books when she reads allowed from one where High Septon Maynard has recorded all kinds of historical goodies (including his bowel movements).

Gilly reads:

Maynard says here that he issued an annulment for a Prince Rhaegar and remarried him to someone else at the same time in a secret ceremony in Dorne.

Oh, yes. Rhaegar chucked the deuces legally to his wife and most likely wed Lyanna Stark. They loved each other, dammit. We knew it.

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Now, we just have to wait for Sam to head to Winterfell with documented proof and meet up with Bran who can confirm everything with his warg-ness. And THEN we can see Jon hop on a dragon and dracarys the sh*t out of some White Walkers and hopefully Cersei. It’s going to happen, guys.

Cersei + Jaime = another inbred baby

Just when we thought Jaime could be swayed away from Cersei’s evil, manipulative clutches thanks to Tyrion and Olenna, she drops a bombshell — she’s pregnant.

Ew. We really shouldn’t be surprised, and we wouldn’t be too stunned to find out she’s lying in the name of manipulation. All hope of Jaime seeing her for the monster she is faded away with that reveal. He’ll never betray her now. If Cersei is lying, and Jaime finds out about it after doing dastardly things to protect her and their non-existing baby, could that be the spark that forces him to turn on her? Perhaps killing her and fulfilling Cersei’s three-fold prophecy?

And just in case anyone thought they could pull one over on Cersei, she reveals that she knew about Jaime’s meeting with Tyrion all along. In fact, she let it happen. She has ultimate control over Jaime, and she knows exactly what she’s doing and how to get what she wants. Is she going to force Jaime to punish Bronn? Would Jaime do it?

Dany Going Dark?

In last week’s Talking TV With Liz and Lindi podcast episode, we brought up an ongoing fan theory about Dany going to the dark side. Will she go the way of her father, the Mad King, or perhaps become a little too power hungry? Whether you believe Dany is justified in her actions in the midst of war, the episode intentionally painted Dany is a different light.

Firstly, we see the aftermath of the Loot Train Battle from the eyes of an aghast Tyrion. The carnage was brutal, and Tyrion’s worry only seemed to be heightened after seeing Dany burn Randyll and Dickon Tarly. After the gang teleports back to Dragonstone, Tyrion has a talk with Varys where he tries to convince Varys (and himself) that Dany’s actions are justified. Varys draws a parallel between Dany and her father, telling Tyrion he once tried to justify the Mad King’s actions as well.


Does all of this point to Dany becoming a darker character or going crazy like her father? It sure seemed at the end of the episode that she was still the same noble and deserving queen we’ve always loved.

For more Game of Thrones theories and things you may have missed, tune into our weekly episode breakdowns!

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