Blood Garage podcast recap: ‘Blood Drive’ 1×10, “Scar Tissue”

Blood Garage podcast recap: ‘Blood Drive’, episode 1×10 “Scar Tissue” aired on Aug. 16, 2017

We get a little glimpse into the normal this week as Arthur makes his way to Cronenburgh. Well, as normal as things can get on Blood Drive! In this episode normal meant noxious, hallucination inducing gas. The type of gas that helps you look past the imperfections of all those around you. To be specific, the horror inducing disfigurement as a result of the scar. Will Arthur and Grace ever get a real taste of what normal could be?

Join Brad and Sarah as we break down all the illusions on this week’s episode of Blood Drive! We’ve got weddings, last meals, and difficult math. But we can’t forget Slink saving the day! If that’s not enough to have you shaking your head in wonder, we also have a major team up! Slink, Arthur, and Grace are riding off into the sunset together for one last ride. They’re also not the only ones. Chris and Aki decide it’s time to meet back up with Arthur as they get a sweet ride  themselves. Although, theirs seems to have a few more road bumps.

Need more details? Don’t worry, we’ve got them! Listen to our recap and then drop a comment to let us know if you thought episode 1×10 “Scar Tissue” was as great as we did!

If you can’t get enough of Brad’s podcasts, you’re in luck! Join his SyFy group, Brad and Cort Talk! Don’t forget to check out Brad’s Blood Drive recaps here as well!

Blood Drive airs on Wednesdays on SyFy at 10/9c. Check out more podcasts from Brad and Cort Talk.

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