‘Blood Drive’ recap: 1×10, “Scar Tissue”

Blood Drive recap, Season 1, Episode 10, “Scar Tissue” Aired Aug. 16th, 2017

When things seem too good to be true, they usually are. Things that seem too good to be true on Blood Drive? Definitely are!

Almost paradise

The good news is, Grace finds Arthur. She gives him a nicely placed punch just to remind him that he left her behind. I’d punch him too! He left her behind after she saved his life! What a jerk. The bad news is that he’s completely entranced by a seemingly perfect town. So basically, she went all this way for nothing. A town that sits right on top of the scar and releases a noxious gas to all it’s inhabitants. Perfect for making sure no one can see their real faces. Horrifyingly disfigured faces. Literally, I’m going to have nightmares.

Blood Drive recap

Arthur tells Grace he is done with the fighting and his crusade to take down Heart. He feels that with everything he and Grace have been through, they deserve a perfect town like this. When is he going to learn? Honestly, Arthur when was the last time anything good happened to you? There’s probably something off about this town. By off, I mean seriously messed up.

At first, Grace doesn’t see the people for who they really are, but she does catch on quickly. As usual. She tries to show Arthur the truth as well, but is unable to get through to him. He’s a little preoccupied with his new fiancee. Her last husband sacrificed himself into the scar pit so that the town could continue to thrive. I’m not sure who’s worse, Arthur or the townspeople. Probably Arthur since he definitely knows better! Or he should.

Blood Drive recap

Apparently it’s something that gets done every year by a volunteer. Yeah, pretty sure you’re all being brain washed. Grace tries to snap Arthur out of the trance he’s in but doesn’t get very far. Arthur is completely content to live the rest of his life in bliss.  Grace decides to go after the preacher, who is the leader of the town, but ends up getting herself thrown into the pit. Why are Grace’s good intentions always creating more problems than solutions?

Slink the hero

Never fear, Slink is here! He has arrived to save the day. Yes, you heard that right. Slink was fired by Old Man Heart and is ready for his revenge. But he knows he’ll need the help of Arthur and Grace. So he makes it to the town, instantly able to see through to the horrifyingly unhygienic place. Including it’s disfigured inhabitants.

Blood Drive recap

Slink heads into the church in full steampunk garb, including the gas mask. His first task is taking care of the pit releasing the noxious gas. To do that, he takes a cement truck and gets it pumping into the pit. Then he makes his way into the church to go after the pastor. Slink gladly tells the truth as he fills in the townspeople of what’s really going on around them and how their leader is the only one reaping the benefits of the others’ sacrifice.

During the struggle, Arthur finds his way into the pit beside Grace. But don’t worry, it’s not doing whatever it did to the others that went down there before them. Of course, it is slowly filling with wet cement, but that’s better than what happened before. Right? Besides, this offers Arthur and Grace the perfect time to talk about their relationship. There’s no better place for romance than a dirty pit that’s slowly filling with cement.

Blood Drive recap

Slink is able to eventually get them out of the cement pit, but they have to agree to one last race with him first. When they agree and are pulled out they hit the road. Slink even took the time to wash Sexy Suzy. Road trip time!

Chrisaki, or is it Akipher

Aki is still dealing with her newfound feelings of guilt as Christopher reassures her that everything will be fine. She feels that she deserves punishment. I feel that she deserves nothing but love! Aki is a precious being that needs to be protected at all costs! The next emotion that Aki expresses is rage. She wants to get back at Heart for all the thing’s they’ve done. This is the best. It’s just plain wonderful to see her on the good guy side. Christopher feels it’s too dangerous and just wants to get to Arthur.

Blood Drive recap

Aki convinces Chris that breaking into Heart is the best way to get to Arthur. They’re going to need a mode of transportation to get halfway across the country. So Aki gets them into an old Auto station that isn’t used much by Heart anymore. Not only does she get them a car, she makes them a car! That would be the coolest thing ever!

Chris and Aki hit the road, heading to save Arthur. But they don’t get far when Aki begins ejecting brightly colored fluid like vomit. Remember when Christopher had the same problem? Looks like Heart is doing the same to Aki. She wants Christopher to go on without her and he does so begrudgingly. Aki promises she’ll be waiting for him after he gets Arthur. Don’t worry, I don’t think he’ll go far without her. At least, he better not! You do not leave the love of your life behind.

Blood Drive recap

What did you think of the quaint little town and it’s inhabitants? Should Grace and Arthur have just stayed there forever? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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