‘The Bold Type’ Recap: 1×07 “Three Girls in a Tub”

The Bold Type 1×07 “Three Girls in a Tub” aired Tuesday, August 15th, 2017.

Before we dive into this recap, let’s take a moment to squeal over how amazing Jane, Kat, and Sutton’s friendship is. Week after week they are supportive of each other, honest with each other, and so comfortable with each other – absolute friendship goals, and it’s so nice to see on TV.

Now, let’s discuss what each of our three favorite girls is dealing with this week.


The Bold Type 1x07

This week, Jane is all about dating. She spends the episode trying to figure out what she and Pinstripe (does he have a name? I’m sticking with Pinstripe.) are to each other, while also trying out a new dating app for an article. During an experimental shower romp, Jane accidentally drops the dreaded three words – “I love you.” It was very obviously just a blissed out mistake, but it leads to an important conversation. Pinstripe mentions that he knew she didn’t mean it, because they both know what this is. Ouch. Clearly, Jane and Pinstripe are not as much on the same page as he thought, and Jane begins to wonder if he is seeing other people.

When the opportunity arises to write an article about a new dating app, Jane is reluctant but ultimately jumps on it. Good thing, too, because Sutton and Kat choose a great guy for her and they immediately hit it off. This leaves Jane a bit confused. She mentions to Pinstripe that she is seeing other people, and he reacts casually – basically, “cool, me too.” So, Jane decides to juggle (despite the fact that she only likes one frozen yogurt topping at a time). It doesn’t exactly work, and she realizes she’s a one guy kind of girl. She wants what Jacqueline and her husband have. She wants love. So, she reluctantly ends things with Pinstripe. She doesn’t want to change him, but she doesn’t want to change herself – right now, they just don’t work.


The Bold Type 1x07

This week, Kat is a total boss – literally. She’s hired her first employee, Natalie, who is in charge of tweeting. Kat is really excited about training her, and desperately wants to be a good boss. Unfortunately, Nat is just not understanding Scarlet’s social voice, and she continues to mess up. She tweets out incorrect information from a questionable source, then later directly insults Kylie Jenner. Yikes.

Kat sees the Kylie Jenner tweet while at Richard’s dinner party (more on that later) and mentions it to him while deleting it. This is where things get a bit messy. Although she is there in a personal context, Richard decides to contact Jacqueline about the tweet. This (rightfully) angers Kat, and she (wrongfully) storms into his office, endangering his relationship with Sutton. Sutton is upset but understanding (seriously, this friendship is amazing) and Kat apologizes.

Unfortunately, the errant Jenner tweet was screen-capped before Kat deleted it, and Jacqueline spends the night of her anniversary dealing with Kylie herself. It’s handled, but it’s clear what Kat has to do. Her storyline wraps up as she lets Nat go. Sometimes people just aren’t a good fit.


The Bold Type 1x07

Sutton was the MVP of this week’s episode, having the most central (and most hilarious) storyline of the bunch. She’s got a lot going on. Firstly, Richard wants to get to know Sutton’s friends. The two of them plan a dinner party for Kat and Jane. Meanwhile, Sutton needs contacts in the fashion industry to properly do her job. She finds her entry point by way of an online forum for fashion assistants.

Sutton’s first chance at making contacts is an organized event called “High Tea.” Unfortunately, it’s the same night as the dinner party, but she isn’t planning on staying long. She makes a few attempts to start a conversation, but nothing is working out. Rather than continue the awkwardness, she stands to the side and eats petit fours – lots of them. In a hilarious twist of events, “High Tea” actually means High Tea – as in, the petit fours were laced with pot. It’s too late though, Sutton has eaten way too many by the time she finds out. The good news is, she bonds with a girl at the party during her mishap, and ends up networking a little before heading to Richard’s.

When she arrives, Kat and a drunk Jane (fresh from her date) are already there, and after announcing that she’s high Sutton proceeds to the bathroom and immediately crawls into the (empty) bathtub. Jane and Kat soon join, and it’s hilarious and adorable. A high Sutton, and drunk Jane, and a sober Kat sit in the tub and giggle the night away.

After the mishap with Kat, Richard is worried about his job. He suggests to Sutton that they just keep things between the two of them – no friends or outside lives. Sutton realizes it just is not going to work out. Although they want to be together, it’s just not working, and they reluctantly part ways.

The Bold Type 1x07

In the final scene, Sutton relaxes in the bath as Jane and Kat enter the bathroom. It doesn’t take long for the two of them to join her (fully clothed) as they all laugh and drink together in a bathtub for the second time this episode. I’ll say it again – these girls are absolute friendship goals.

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