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‘Hunt a Killer’ Subscription Box Review

(May contain mild spoiler images of boxes 1 and 2) 

If you love a good mystery, then this subscription box is for you! Hunt a Killer is a monthly subscription box containing the clues to a long spanning mystery that you have to solve. You will be hooked – trust me. Before you go any further, check out the trailer so you can get the vibe of the box. (Shivers.)

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Detective time!

So I started off kind of confused, mostly because I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into. But after some research on the very informative website, I was ready to rock. As soon as I started to poke around the clues, I fell down a rabbit hole (but I never left my kitchen table).

The cool thing about the box is that it’s from a fictional inmate who is writing to you from behind bars. Each package is “inspected” so your pen-pal has to be very sneaky with the way he delivers his clues to you. The other thing I didn’t realize at first is that you can google things from the clues. Box 1 (aka Episode 1) contains a photocopy of a newspaper article and after a little internet sleuthing, I realized that the article is real! I won’t give you any major spoilers but if you plan to sign up you should pay attention to the words blacked out in the article. It was very helpful in my investigation.

(Actual footage of me trying to explain the clues to my husband whenever he’d walk by)


Company and forums

Once you scratch the surface, you can’t help but be sucked into the Hunt a Killer universe. Here is a little more on the product and the company:

Hunt a Killer is an immersive entertainment company pioneering modern storytelling through its interactive monthly membership boxes and premium one-time experiences allowing thrill seeking minds to solve intricate, ongoing, fictional murder mysteries whenever they want. Filled with clues, codes and ciphers, each curated episode serves as a TV show that you can touch, feel and smell enabling members to step inside the mind of a homicide investigator and hunt a killer. Founded in fall 2016 as a single event called the Live Hunt, Hunt A Killer, opened sign-ups for its exclusive membership program in October 2016 and continues to deliver curiosity and imagination through original narrative and interpretation.

I received two boxes to review and I got super into it. If you like to play detective while watching a great murder mystery, you will legit love this. The other cool part of this is that there is a forum on the company’s website so members can trade theories and discuss clues. So if you feel stuck on a particular clue, there is a community of peeps who want to help!


There is a downside to this. If you are expecting instant gratification, you make not love the structure. Each monthly box builds into the ultimate mystery. Each box isn’t its own mystery which is kind of a bummer but I still had a blast combing through clues and googling super random things. Do you know the greek word for swan? I do now! (Yeah – I went in real deep ya’ll!)

If you are on the fence about joining, I’d say do it. Just be sure you have some time to devote to this because it’s so super easy to get sucked in for hours and hours. It ‘s super fun (and addicting)! Memberships are somewhat limited so check out the official website for all the deets.

And don’t forget to use code PUREFANDOM at checkout for 10% off your first box.

What do you think? Are you ready to hunt a killer? Hit the comments or find us on twitter!

(Images: www.huntakiller.com)


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