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‘Teen Wolf’ 6×13 Recap: “After Images”

Teen Wolf 6×13: Season 6, Episode 13, “After Images,” Aired August 13, 2017

Truth time. We think Teen Wolf 6×13 was the best of 6b so far! This episode earns that top spot in our minds due to Tyler Posey’s direction, and the superb (and terror filled) performances of the cast. Liam’s fear of losing control also took center stage at the end of the episode and it was such a powerful moment! Let’s break it all down!

Injured wolf and his hunters. We pick up with Brett still injured and running through the woods. In the last episode, he was shot by the newly minted hunter, Monroe. It’s a short scene but the acting by Cody Saintgnue needs to be called out. Amazing! (That arrow/tree thing though – GAH!) Monroe and wacky, old Gerard are on his tail and things aren’t looking so good for the young wolf. He heads under ground for safety but it seems that is exactly what Gerard wanted him to do.

Liam and Mason. I’d like to go on record to say that this is one of my favorite friendships on any show ever! They are playing some video games at Liam’s house, and everything seems totally normal until it’s time for Mason to leave. He doesn’t want to go home and confesses that ever since they found that faceless, bloody body, he can’t stop seeing it. It’s not that he’s having nightmares, it’s after images. He sees that dead, skinless body walking around (and even sees it in Liams room)! Creepy AF!

Melissa and Argent. Speaking of creepy AF, Melissa is at the hospital with the actual body. She needs to get a tissue sample, but she is completely gripped by fear anytime she goes near it. (Side note: Can we give Melissa Ponzio all the Emmy awards because that was some legit acting! She made us feel all of her fear!) She realizes something is up so she calls Argent, but he looks even more terrified that she does! This entire scene just give us all the creeps! They also mention how they haven’t really spoken since their epic make-out in the Ghost Rider train station. Awkward! Oh, and additional fun fact – the tissue has zero DNA! WTF!

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Saving Brett. Brett’s sister Lori found Brett’s bloody Lacrosse stick and knows something is wrong, so she goes to Scott for help. Scott has his pack on it right away. Scott, Malia, Liam and Lori head to the woods to track Brett and end up in the tunnels too. Sh*t goes south quickly when Scott is hit in the stomach with a spiked bar after Lori trips a booby trap. Malia stays with Scott while Liam and Lori go on without them. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Gerard wanted. After talking it out with Malia, Scott realizes that Gerard is the one hunting them. Not good.

Lydia. Over at the school with no teachers or security, Lydia is trying to summon a premonition. She does (despite the constant distractions from Mason and Corey). She scribbles a bunch of languages on a piece of paper and it all says the same thing. 68! Lydia heads off to investigate. It’s not the locker number 68, but guess who is number 68 on the Lacrosse team?! NOLAN! What is his connection to all of this and how did he know Lydia is a supernatural?

Obscure theory: Nolan is a banshee and has no idea what that means. This is solely based on the locker slam/Nolan wake up moment. Plus, we think it would be super cool for Lydia to pass the banshee baton so she is able to leave Beacon Hills behind for MIT, knowing that a banshee is looking after her town. 

Nolan wigs out. We had seen this in the sneak peek but it was still crazy to watch it all unfold. With Aaron (who we can only assume is now possessed by a Fear monster thingy) encouraging him, Nolan decides to act on his fear. He confronts Corey and Mason in the library to discuss “changing DNA,” but it’s not school related at all. Nolan is trying to out Corey’s supernatural side in front of everyone. Nolan and his crazy eyes stab Corey’s hand but he heals immediately. WHOA.

Scalia. Scott is hurt and Malia refuses to leave him but is unable to take his pain. Frustrated with the situation, Malia gets angry and says that they should have called Stiles. She thinks that he would kill them if he knew what they were trying to do without him. Scott says that he thinks Stiles would be okay with it and that’s when we realize that they are having two different conversations. Scott passes out and as Malia begs him to wake up, she puts her hand on his cheek and takes his pain! The looks they exchange as Malia lowers her hand from his face are EVERYTHING! Scalia is happening and its pretty frickin’ cute to see Scott and Malia this happy again.

Beacon Hills vs. the Pack. At the school, Lydia realizes that her premonition wasn’t about everyone turning on each other, it was about them turning on the pack. Not good. Over in the tunnels, it’s worse. They find Brett but they aren’t rescuing him like they think, they are walking right into Gerard’s trap.

Liam. If the creepy body didn’t give you chills, the last few minutes of this episode certainly did. Brett and Lori climb out of the tunnel and are hit by a car. (Side note: they are such amazing siblings and we got choked up when they linked hands as the car hit them.) Liam’s rage can’t be contained as he watches Brett and Lori die in the street. (SOB!) He lets out a pained, intense roar and our hearts are broken. To make matters worse, he is wolfed out and everyone can see. Liam is exposed and it was all planned by Gerard.

“The best way to build an army is through fear.” – Gerard Argent

Overall. If you have been following us on social media this week you may have seen us gush about the direction in this episode. We can’t say enough good things about it! The entire episode was great but the last scene was chilling. The light behind Liam as he looks down at the wolves he couldn’t save, the slow motion moments that heightened the intensity of the entire sequence and the slow pan out at the end. Tyler Posey nailed it. Amazing.

Also, did you notice the street sign, Muse Ave? That just further plays into our Greek God villain theory (check that out HERE).

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