Pure Fandom Exclusive: Spoiler-free review of the ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 2 finale

The ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 2 finale airs Monday, August 14th 2017 on Freeform


To put it simply, this episode made me a complete and utter mess. There was a point where I was hysterically sobbing. And I don’t mean I was just tearing up. No, this was the “I need to calm down and remember to breathe” type of crying because wow, I was not expecting that???
  • In hindsight, Valentine will stop at nothing to bring down the Downworld while our characters will stop at nothing to protect it. There is no line that he won’t cross, which means that no one is safe.
  • There are a lot of crazy fight scenes and the episode was definitely full of action. We get to see most of our faves kick some serious ass.
  • The whole thing goes by in a blink honestly and it felt like 10 minutes had passed when I realized it was almost over.
  • And yes, it leaves you on more than one epic cliffhanger and I really wish it wasn’t 2am, dark, and storming outside when I watched the last minute.

Scene Stealer

Clary is the real MVP of the episode and she shows just how badass she really is. Despite everything she’s been through, Clary still holds onto hope when all is lost. Even if winning seems impossible, this girl will not go down without putting up a fight.


Jace & Clary: This episode is absolute packed with emotional Clace moments that shippers are going to want to witness firsthand. As someone who has always been pretty neutral in regards to this ship, I was surprised by just how invested this episode made me. I won’t say whether their scenes are good, bad, or both, but believe me…you need to see this.

Magnus & Alec: Okay let’s be real here, we can’t do a review without talking about Malec! Although Magnus and Alec are still struggling with their difference of opinion in relation to the Clave, circumstances force them to work together in the finale. While I can’t spoil what comes of it, I can say that a lot of things are addressed.

Simon & Maia: If anyone had any doubts, this episode proves just how far Simon would go for the people he cares about. With Maia being held captive at the Seelie Court, Simon is trying to do everything in his power to save her. He’s also feeling a lot of guilt because he ignored the Seelie Queen’s earlier threats and now Maia is the one paying the price.

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