Ranking all the songs from ‘Buffy’s’ “Once More With Feeling”

Almost every Buffy fan, including most members of the cast, can agree that the musical episode ranks in their top five favorite episodes. While I’m sure you can all jam to the entire soundtrack of the episode, here’s my ranking for “Once More With Feeling.” Do you agree?

16. Dawn’s Lament

Now, this is not about Dawn hate, it’s simply that this song is so short I feel like other than us seeing her play with the necklace, this song doesn’t really affect the episode.

15. Dawn’s Ballet

This one you have to stop at 1:03 or it goes into another song (that’s ranked higher). While this song doesn’t have any lyrics, it does showcase Michelle Trachtenberg’s amazing ballet skills!

14. What You Feel–Reprise

I’m not the greatest fan of reprises in a musical, but hey, we get a funny moment in this scene; and the bad guy gives up!

13. Under Your Spell/Standing–Reprise

I just said I didn’t like reprises! That being said, Amber Benson and Anthony Stewart Head singing together absolutely dazzles me.

12. The Mustard/Parking Ticket

I kind of ranked these two together because they are both so tiny, but you gotta love the comedic relief they provide. Also, there are little cameos: the guy so excited about his dry cleaning is show writer, David Fury; and the lady with a parking ticket is the writing goddess herself, Marti Noxon!

11. Overture/Going through the Motions

We get the fabulous introduction to the fact that this episode will be a musical with the opening number. In this song, Buffy ends up saving someone I can only assume to be a Fabio impersonator looking for a romance novel moment for Buffy to sing, “whatever.”

10. Coda

The moment every Spuffy fan just spontaneously exploded with feels! We get the big musical cliché where the two leads kiss, fade to black, roll credits.

9. Where Do We Go From Here

Who doesn’t love a big group song at the end? Especially since they… kinda won? There’s such a somber tone in this number that it is really hard to tell what you’re supposed to be feeling.

8. I’ll Never Tell

As their wedding approaches, Anya and Xander sing how they really feel about one another. Plus, the dancing is just fun to watch!

7. Something to Sing About

Personally, I love how Anya and Tara, the extras, end up being Buffy’s backup dancers for this number. Here’s where all the Scoobies learn where Buffy really was while she was dead. Then, my boy Spike saves her from dancing until she burns.

6. Standing

This musical really covers all the bases, we even got a song with a training montage! Also, Giles’ voice just makes me happy!

5. Under Your Spell

Ok, Tara’s outfit in this scene already makes her look like a fairy princess. Her voice is just as magical as her powers. Just watch the video and fall in love!

4. I’ve Got a Theory/Bunnies/If We’re Together

The irony of Giles guessing it right the first time but brushing it off as inconceivable. Anya’s continued obsession with the evilness of bunnies. Then, Buffy pulls everyone together.

3. Rest in Peace

Spike tries so hard to kick Buffy out before he can spill his guts to her once again. The absolute annoyance on his face once he starts singing makes it even more hilarious. Did I mention James Marsters voice? Because OMG!!!

2. What You Feel

After Dawn gets done dancing, we get to meet the bad guy, Sweet. I absolutely love him and felt he deserved another episode. And his suit changes colors!

1. Walk Through the Fire

The real big group sing in my opinion. I love how they each had their own little parts and it just meshed together in the end. And Willow’s cute little filler line is just adorable.

So there you have it! Was your rankings of the songs different? If you just absolutely have to watch this episode right now… which I do. All episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are currently available on Hulu.

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