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‘The Mist’ recap: Episode 1×08 “The Law of Nature”

‘The Mist’ recap: Episode 1×08 “The Law of Nature”


The Mist recap: Season 1, Episode 8, “The Law of Nature”, aired Aug. 10, 2017

Everyone’s limits are reached as desperation becomes a key emotion. Food and supplies are running out, as secrets are revealed that will change relationships forever. Before we get into breaking it down, here’s a refresher of last week’s episode!

Relationship status

The Mistriders find themselves on Adrian’s street, and he forces them to stop. This is a bad idea. We all know it, but Bryan decides he and Mia may as well get gas while they’re here. Kevin offers to go inside with Adrian, but he refuses adamantly. Something isn’t right here, so Adrian goes inside only to discover his mom dead, and he and his father blame each other for it.

The Mist recap

Meanwhile, Kevin is getting tired of waiting outside when he notices an SOS signal in the distance. Naturally, he drives right to it, because trying to help others has worked so well for them. When he gets there, Kevin stumbles upon Vic and naturally lets him in the car. Why? Because he’s Kevin, and it’s an opportunity for him to get information on Alex and Eve. Vic reassures him that they’re fine. — for now. Well, thanks for that.

Mia and Bryan are also busy, and by that I mean sexy time. (In case you didn’t get that.) They’re supposed to be getting extra gas, which they do, eventually. First, they have to enjoy their cuddle time. Priorities, people! Although, it is the end of the world, so I suppose we can make an exception. We should also take this time to appreciate Bryan’s, um, muscles.

One last time

Adrian and his father have a final confrontation. I say final, because it ends with Adrian fatally shooting his father. Boy, you have lost it. He hears Kevin coming and cuts his own arm to convince him that his father attacked him. While trying to take care of the wound, Kevin discovers some medication prescribed to Adrian’s mom — the same medication that Alex had in her system after she was attacked. The dots all begin to connect. Naturally, Kevin goes after Adrian, but he goes for the gun once more. Don’t you dare hurt him, Adrian! The two struggle, and Kevin goes down. I’m going to believe he’s just been knocked out until someone proves otherwise.

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Adrian is able to get outside to the others and convince them that Kevin is dead. Then, he tells them they still have to go to the mall, because he promised Kevin he would protect Alex and Eve. Oh, please.

Change of scenery

Everyone looks to Nathalie for guidance as she tells them only the good will survive. It doesn’t seem like her concept is much different than Romanov’s. Just a different delivery. Also, is there a weird vibe between Nathalie and Connor, or is it just me?

The Mist recap

Speaking of Connor, he continues to make me like him. He feels badly about the kind of man and father he’s been. He also still feels guilt over his wife’s death. Connor admits that he’s worried Jay did hurt Alex and he blames himself. He tells Nathalie that he isn’t a good man Just hit me right in the feels, why don’t you?

Of course, Nathalie just uses this as another opportunity to rant about Mother Nature. Give it a rest, you freaking looney toon! For her next act of craziness, Nathalie sets the church on fire, trapping everyone who didn’t want to leave inside. I don’t know why Connor is okay with this. What has she done to you, man?! She even has him light the match. What is happening?!

The Mist recap

Love match

Alex takes care of Jay’s hands while they continue to bond. They probably need more help than Alex’s heart eyes can give. They look disgusting. His hands, not her eyes. They continue to flirt as they mess around in a sporting goods store.

Meanwhile, Kimi and Eve discuss overhearing the other mall dwellers talking about rations and running low. Eve asks Kimi to find her a small room with no windows. What the hell is she up to now? Eve then volunteers Jay to go and get more water and ends up locking him in that windowless room.

This is only going to bring more trouble as Alex goes looking for Jay. She stumbles upon the other mall dwellers and Shelley can’t help herself. She begins a verbal confrontation with Alex that is prevented from going further by Gus. Man, the people in his group are really starting to get antsy as Shelley continues ranting at them.

Regrettable decisions

Shelley is still clearly struggling with losing Lila and watching Alex and Jay taking time for romance really doesn’t help things. Gus finds Shelley at her shrine dedicated to Lila and she admits that she knows Alex isn’t to blame for her death.

Gus reveals he knows she started the fire and she needs to confess. She surprises him when she tells him she went to his office to do that and instead discovered his food stash. Uh-oh. Busted. Left with no choice, Gus kills Shelley. He tells the  rest of the group that he found her that way, though Kyle clearly doesn’t believe him and goes after Gus. He decides his only way out is to blame Alex. I’m sure that will fix things.

As a special gift this week, here’s an inside look at the Trial by Ordeal from last week’s episode!

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