Home Recaps ‘Midnight, Texas’ 1×03: 7 best moments
‘Midnight, Texas’ 1×03: 7 best moments

‘Midnight, Texas’ 1×03: 7 best moments


Midnight, Texas 1×03, Season 1, Episode 3: “Lemuel, Unchained,” Aired August 7, 2017

Another fun episode! In “Lemuel, Unchained” we got to meet some of Lem’s old “friends” from back in the day. That blast from the past opened the door for a little bit of backstory on Lem, and the other characters too!

Check out the 5 best moments form Midnight, Texas 1×03:

#1 Creek refusing to be a stereotype. Creek’s dad is an over protective dude so she isn’t about to let Manfred take charge of her (or her heart). We’d love to see her open herself up to Manfred and not hide behind the “crazy dad” excuse in the future, but it’s nice to see her calling the shots for herself. We also loved that when she was face to face with Zach (an old vampire friend of Lem’s) she didn’t back down.

#2 Lem’s backstory. Lem’s blue eyes and energy sucking ways set him apart from any vampire we have seen on our TV’s. In this episode, we were finally given some much needed backstory on Midnight’s resident vamp. As a human, Lem was a slave and when he fled his captors, he was turned by Zach. Then Lem went back to confront the slave owner he’d escaped from and killed him.

#3 It’s all connected. We got a bonus bit of info in a flashback too! Turns out, Zelda (Manfred’s grandma) is the one who turned Lem into an energy sucker vs a blood sucker! We still have so many questions about that but it’s still super cool.

#4 Joe is a fallen angel. While filling Rev in on the veil issues in Midnight, Joe mentions that he is a fallen angel who gave up being an angel to be with someone he loves and to live a simple life. We LOVE that Joe’s simple life is a nail/tattoo shop with his love, Chuy.

#5 Manfred’s dead Gram is his BFF. Can we just pause to appreciate how delightful it is that Manfred’s bestie is his dead grandma, Zelda? He goes to her with all his troubles and it’s delightful. Just delightful.

#6 Olivia is a total badass! We knew Olivia was an assassin and had some wicked skills but that heel stab to the heart was epic AF. She’s a human and faces off against multiple super speedy vampires LIKE A BOSS!

#7 Fiji’s sunlight crystal. For Fiji, being a witch sure comes in handy when a nest of crazy vamps comes to town! It’s a good thing too because things go from bad to worse really quick. In this episode, Bobo and Fiji invented a sunlight thingy that burnt all of the vamps to a crisp, and it was actually really cool! Now if only she had a crystal to help pull her out of Bobo’s friend zone.

We are loving this show. It’s the perfect mix of supernatural drama, romance and family, but it’s never too heavy which makes it the perfect show to unwind to! When real life gets too crazy, head over to Midnight.

What was your favorite part? Hit the comments and let us know!

Midnight, Texas airs at 10/9c Monday on NBC. 

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