Blood Garage podcast recap: ‘Blood Drive’ 1×09, “The Chopsocky Special”

Blood Garage podcast recap: ‘Blood Drive’, episode 1×09 “The Chopsocky Special” aired on August 10, 2017

Blood Drive is offering us more questions every episode, and not as many solutions! This episode definitely made you feel like your brain was melting. Our first suggestion is that you don’t think about anything too hard, because you will get a headache. We think some mysteries have been revealed, but can you ever really be sure with this show?

Join Brad and Sarah as we not only break down this week’s episode of Blood Drive, but discuss some theories too! Not only do we have a gravely injured Arthur, but we also have a Chinese Food restaurant in the middle of nowhere! This probably isn’t the best choice of a place to eat. But things get even weirder as we take a trip into Arthur’s subconscious. Need more details? That’s good, because we’ve got them! Listen to our recap and theories down below and then drop a comment with any theories you have! Let us know if you thought episode 1×09 “The Chopsocky Special” was as strange as we did. What’s the real story with Aki? Where the hell did Arthur disappear to?!

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Blood Drive airs on Wednesdays on SyFy at 10/9c. Check out more podcasts from Brad and Cort Talk

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