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‘Once Upon a Time’: Lessons gleaned from those hero types

‘Once Upon a Time’: Lessons gleaned from those hero types


Read our list of things we learned from Once Upon a Time!

If you get the headline of this article, you win, and you also may be a big Hook fan too. Oftentimes, the people in our lives don’t understand our obsession for a T.V. show. But what are the reasons as to why we fall head first into Once Upon a Time? For me, it’s from the things I’ve learned from the show. Also Captain Swan, but you probably know that.

Women are no damsels in distress


The ladies on Once have some serious girl power. And they aren’t afraid to give a good slap in the face to someone who deserves it (I’m looking at Gideon). One of my favorite things about this show is how they portray women as fierce and independent.

Emma, Regina, Snow and all the other ladies on the show, have taught young and old that women can take care of themselves. They’re capable of sticking up for themselves, fighting for themselves and depending on themselves. These ladies do not need a man to swoop in and play knight in shining armor. They have it taken care of.

Family is a key component


One of the biggest themes the show has represented is the power of a family. We look at Emma in the pilot: a lost girl who had no home, no family. She had her walls up, and she never let anyone in.

Season 6 Emma, as we saw, found a home and a family. Her walls had been torn down and was letting those who cared about her in. Family is used throughout the show as a beacon on hope. Once the characters found a family, viewers saw a change in the character.

Regina’s heart softened from Henry; Hook’s vengeful heart thawed from Emma’s love; Emma’s discovery of family and her love for Hook, whom she assumed abandoned her, pieced her broken heart.

Fighting & waiting for love is worth it


I believe it was Charming who said to Hook that fighting for true love is worth it. Indeed it is.

Letting someone into your heart is a wonderful thing, as portrayed by the show. Fighting for that love is also possible. No matter the differences or hardships you may face in a relationship, the ones you love are always there to piece it back together.

Emma Swan, queen of one-night stands and raised walls, took a chance on love. Later, finding out Hook was her true love. That’s canon, people.

Captain Hook, a revenge obsessed pirate who swore off love, fell in love with a woman who hated his guts (or so she had him believe. We all knew the truth).

Regina Mills, broken from love, decided that maybe giving love a chance wasn’t such a bad thing.

Love helped mend these characters, and love in real life, does the exact same thing.

Change is always possible


If you think that you are not capable of changing, think again!

Taking a look at each and every character from season 1 to season 6, you have seen A LOT of change. When you aspire to be that person you want to be, it can happen.

Hook vowed to not be a bloodthirsty pirate; Regina took a 360 from pure evil to good; Zelena’s wickedness smoothed itself out; Emma allowed people into her life. The verdict is still out on Rumple…

Believing in fairy tales is normal (think dreams or goals!)


Fairy tales do exist! Maybe not in the princesses and princes kind of way, but they do exist. Perhaps your fairy tale is to become an entertainment journalist. You work and you study and you chase that dream. It is possible! (I need to remind myself of this.)

Maybe you’ve dreamed of skydiving. What’s stopping you from living that fairy tale? Nothing. Except maybe a monumental sense of fear.

Happy endings are in reach. It may not be all flowers and rainbows, because this show has taught you that it’s the opposite. But if Emma Swan, a woman who was alone all of her life, never believing in a happy ending, is able to find her fairy tale, then so can you.

Captain Hook can be hot


I don’t think I really need to explain myself here.

Okay, so I am off my soap box. While I do watch Once Upon a Time for pure entertainment, I also watch it because it does have some magical lessons. Sure, the angst can blindside the important sides of the show, but it’s totally there.

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