Home Recaps ‘The Bold Type’: 1×06 ‘The Breast Issue’ recap
‘The Bold Type’: 1×06 ‘The Breast Issue’ recap

‘The Bold Type’: 1×06 ‘The Breast Issue’ recap


The Bold Type episode 1×06 “The Breast Issue” aired August 8th, 2017.

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The Bold Type 1x06

So let’s get into it! This week’s episode was hilarious, inspiring, and had more than a few tearjerker moments.

The episode begins with our favorite trio – Jane, Kat, and Sutton – attending a breast cancer awareness event in the park. The goal here is to spread awareness and free the nipple, but Jane is feeling just a little shy. While Kat and Sutton excitedly tear off their shirts, Jane looks on with her fully clothed arms crossed.

From there, our favorite ladies diverge into their various plot lines.


The Bold Type 1x06

Sutton is incredibly excited for her first day on the job, but it doesn’t start off quite as planned. She trades in her green juice runs for… coffee runs. Not exactly the fashion job she was dreaming about. It’s not all terrible, because at least she gets to drag her sexy beau, Richard, along while she grabs the coffee. They briefly discuss the origin of their relationship, but Sutton just does not have time for the romance today – she’s gotta go!

When Oliver mentions his disappointment in not being able to feature an expensive pendant in the magazine, Sutton makes it her day’s mission to secure it for him, even though he thinks it’s an impossible goal. Turns out, Sutton’s got the hookups. She meets up with a friend in the park and trades a dress from the fashion closet for the pendant – that was easy.

“Guess who has $5,000 worth of jewelry in her lap?”

Of course, nothing is ever too easy, and Sutton hits a bit of a snag. When Jane calls her crying (more on that later) Sutton goes into full best friend mode and completely forgets the $5,000 piece of jewelry in the back of a cab. Yikes. Kat helps her out and they call every cab company they can find but still no luck – Sutton needs the company name and the cab number.

It’s not until talking with Alex that she realizes how she can get it. Her and Alex head over to the area where she got out of the cab and JACKPOT! there’s a security camera pointed right at the street. The camera is owned by a local dry cleaners/key copier (is that a common combination in New York?) and it takes some serious persuading but they convince him to hand over the tapes. Sutton is able to report the cab number to the company and, lucky for her, the pendant was turned in. Her celebratory hug with Alex is interrupted by Richard’s entrance, and there is serious tension in the air.

Pendant in hand, Sutton and Alex ride back to the office. On the way, he confronts her about the tension – “So you’re seeing him.” It’s not a question, but Sutton still attempts to deny it, and fails. “It’s too bad,” Alex continues, “because if you weren’t, I’d kiss you right now.” I smell a love triangle! But something tells me that The Bold Type will put a different spin on things, as they always do.


The Bold Type 1x06

Kat is on a mission to #FreetheNipple. She posted a photo from the breast cancer awareness event and it was pulled from Instagram because it is against their policy to post photos containing women’s nipples. Kat is so not here for it, and intentionally posted the photo to create a story when it was inevitably pulled down. Jacqueline appreciates the enthusiasm but explains that it’s not worth it to get Scarlett’s Instagram account taken down, and asks Kat to refrain.

Later, Kat’s furious tweeting spree is interrupted by a text message from Adena. The attached photo (containing a Renaissance statue) gives Kat a stroke of inspiration – she immediately asks a male intern if she can photograph his nipple.

“I’m going to take photos of dude’s nipples.”

Turns out, Kat’s ingenious scheme was to post both photoshopped statue nipples and male nipples on Instagram to make a point. They were still taken down and Jacqueline has now brought in Richard to explain to Kat that she cannot continue to risk the magazine’s Instagram account.

In the end, Jacqueline confronts Kat about her motivations. It seems that this has evolved from awareness to a competition for Kat, and she decides to lay off and instead support those who need it (Jane).


The Bold Type 1x06

Things get a little more serious for our favorite writer this week. When she is tasked with interviewing a doctor who specializes in BRCA testing, she is visibly upset. BRCA is a hereditary gene linked with breast cancer – if you have it, your odds of having breast cancer at some point increase to 80%. It turns out, Jane’s mother had the gene and died of breast cancer at an incredibly young age. This makes Jane a prime candidate for testing, but she’s adamantly against it.

When Jacqueline asks her how the interview went, she snaps. She shouts at Jacqueline that she doesn’t want to get personal, and that she is sick of always having to write about her life when she knows nothing about Jacqueline. She yells this in front of the entire bullpen. When Jacqueline tells her to take a walk, she steps outside to call Sutton (who then leaves $5,000 worth of jewelry in the cab.)

“I could write all about how my mom was dying of breast cancer when I was in kindergarten. How the only thing I really remember about her is her hospital and her mechanical bed. And how the smells in there still scare the crap out of me. I could relive all that for you, for Scarlet Magazine!”

Jacqueline tells Jane not to come back to work, and to go to an offsite address at 7. Jane is sure that it’s an exit interview – she’s being fired. When she arrives, though, she’s greeted by a man (who is NOT from HR.) He’s Jacqueline’s husband, and this is her home.

Jacqueline, the amazing boss she is, has invited Jane into her personal life in order to discuss Jane’s. She convinces Jane to overcome her fears and get the test.

At the end of the episode, our three favorite friends all go to Jane’s appointment. Kat films Jane’s test so that Jane can use herself as an example in the article. They hold hands as they await the test results, and discover that Jane is positive for the BRCA gene. The doctor explains that Jane is perfectly healthy, just high risk, and that she will need to get frequent check-ups.

The Bold Type continues to be the best new show on television, with A+ episodes week after week.

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