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‘Teen Wolf’ 6×13: Tyler Posey’s directorial debut is stunning

Spoiler free review of Tyler Posey’s directorial debut in Teen Wolf 6×13 (airs August 13, 2017) 

Tyler Posey’s direction. Everything in this episode feels elevated, sharper and gave me chills. The level of raw emotion and fear that Posey is able to pull out of the cast in this episode will take your breath away. The closeups on trembling hands, fear filled eyes and beads of sweat will give you horror movie vibes (and lots of goosebumps). The final scene cements this episode as the most visually appealing and most emotional of 6b so far. Tyler Posey is not just a True Alpha on screen but behind the camera as well. He nailed it.

2017 Emmy predictions Ty Burell

Nolan. WTF dude.

Lydia and the mystery. Lydia is a badass again in this episode and with Mason and Corey’s “help” she stumbles on a new mystery to solve. This one is even more interesting than the “where did the sound come from” mystery of 6×12 because it leads her to another person. It will have you yelling, “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?” at your TV.

Scalia shippers. You will be happy. And they will address some issues people might have about this pairing in a cute charming way.

Fear. Thankfully, I watched this episode during the day because DAMN. It’s not even that something outright scary happens, it’s the cast’s fear level (particularly the Argent and Melissa scene) that will just make you feel like you should be freaked out too. And if you are like me, it’s a feeling that will stay with you long after the episode ends.

Ending. I still have goosebumps. Intense AF.

Scalia score: 8/10 (So cute)

Stydia score: 0/10 (Nope)

Lydia being fierce AF score: 10/10 (She is running sh*t)

Creepy factor: 10/10 (It’s chilling)

Tyler Posey as a director: 11/10 (Amazing)

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