Home TV ‘Midnight, Texas’ 1×03: Lem’s friends are town and we smell trouble [Clip]
‘Midnight, Texas’ 1×03: Lem’s friends are town and we smell trouble [Clip]

‘Midnight, Texas’ 1×03: Lem’s friends are town and we smell trouble [Clip]


Everyone loves catching up with old friends, right? Well, what if those friends are a group of shady looking vamps who try to eat one of your current friends? Lem is about to find out in an all new episode of Midnight, Texas. Check out the official description from NBC:

A deadly nest of vampires arrives in Midnight and it turns out they’re old friends of Lem’s (Peter Mensah) eager to reunite. Manfred (François Arnaud) suspects there’s more to their arrival and joins forces with Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) to uncover the real story while Creek (Sarah Ramos) prepares for the worst. Elsewhere, Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) and Bobo (Dylan Bruce) hatch a plan of their own in case the vampires are up to no good. Meanwhile, Joe (Jason Lewis) confides his suspicions about the veil to hell opening in Midnight to the Rev (Yul Vázquez). – NBC

Yes! This sounds amazing! Lem has been such a mystery so far so hopefully this will give us some much needed insight into his past. Also, we love that Bobo and Fiji are teaming up again because they are beyond adorbs together. Ready to be even more pumped?

Check out this clip from Lemuel, Unchained (airing Monday, August 7):

Whoa. For being a human in a town of supernaturals, Creek is fierce AF. We love it! And we can’t wait to check it out tonight!

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Midnight, Texas airs at 10/9c Monday on NBC. 

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