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CW crossover moments to give you all the feels

CW crossover moments to give you all the feels


With August now upon us, we are getting closer to our favorite shows coming back from what has felt like the longest summer ever! Now, The CW has gotten us excited with the announcement that they would be doing yet another crossover event with its four superhero shows. That’s right! We will be getting another momentous event with the heroes of Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

While we do not know the plot details for this arc, we do remember that aliens were involved in the last one, and I do not just mean Kara Danvers! Although, the setup may be different according to CW president Mark Pedowitz. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that at the Television Critics Association, he said the plot would focus more on “big emotional turns for our characters.” This sounds exciting!

Since there have been so many crossovers between just two or all of the shows, we have gotten to see some hilarious, dramatic and action-packed moments as they fought together.

As we wait to see how these heroes will come together once again to save the day, we’re going to look back at the previous memorable moments between The CW crossovers.

SuperFriends team up

In the big-four show crossover, Barry and Cisco were still on the outs after the latter discovered Barry had messed with the timeline and this led to his brother dying in Flashpoint. While Barry tried to keep this from everyone else who was affected as they worked to stop aliens, he discovered a cryptic message from his future self. This leads to Barry revealing the truth about Flashpoint, causing mistrust and mayhem until Oliver and Barry saved the day! I can’t wait to see the entire gang together again!

CW memorable crossover moments big crossover

Meeting Kara

In this hilarious crossover moment between Supergirl and The Flash when Barry met Kara for the first time, he surprised her with ice cream. Watching these two together was so amusing and seeing Kara’s look of sheer delight when Barry brought her an ice cream cone was just an icing on the cake. Plus, a race to see who was the fastest? We can never get enough of this.

CW memorable crossover moments Kara Barry ice cream

Musical episode

When Kara and Barry become trapped in a musical thanks to Music Meister, they must take part in the storyline and finish it in order to get back home. There is still danger of course, but we got to hear the amazing vocals that belong to Melissa Benoist, Grant Gustin, Victor Garber, and Jesse L. Martin. What could be better than that?

CW memorable crossover moments Kara Barry duet

Saying goodbye

Ready for a tearjerker? Barry going to Oliver’s side as he mourns Laurel Lance at her grave. I apologize for reminding you about this tragedy. It was truly a sad scene that had been hinted at in the season premiere of Arrow last year. We need tissues.

CW memorable crossover moments Oliver Barry grave


In the lead in to Legends of Tomorrow, Team Flash and Team Arrow worked together to protect Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall from Vandal Savage. It can be difficult to get into new characters who will be part of another series, but this one was a seamless transition into allowing us to meet these new heroes we would grow to love!

CW memorable crossover moments Hawkgirl

Talk with Felicity

When Barry is trying to deal with the changes he caused with Flashpoint, he visits Felicity to talk about what happened. He is devastated to realize he also erased John Diggle’s baby daughter, Sara, so he now has a son. This was one of the many scenes that led me to saying, “What did you do, Barry?”

CW memorable crossover moments daughter

Drop the mic

Felicity Smoak was, as always, at her absolute best when she came to Central City with Ray Palmer. The two ended up helping Team Flash with an epidemic involving robotic bees. Having Felicity onscreen is always a treat, especially when she has her ‘drop the mic’ moment.

CW memorable crossover moments drop the mic

Face it, there are just too many amazing scenes that have brought together our favorite characters.  Their teamups not only allowed new friendships to form, but allowed them to work together to take down foes. Was there a scene missing from the list you thought was most memorable? Tell us in the comments below!

Tune in to The CW crossover event on Monday, November 27 for Supergirl and Arrow followed by The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on November 28.

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