5 reasons to watch ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’

The dog days of summer are upon us which could only mean the fall TV season is on the horizon. Recently the fall months have given viewers a new slate of horror shows to whet their appetite for the Halloween season and one show in particular has stood out for its inclusion of humor – Ash Vs Evil Dead.

The creative minds behind the cult classic franchise, Evil Dead, reunited decades later to develop a sequel series featuring Bruce Campbell reprising his role as the titular character, Ash Williams. The horror-comedy has aired two season thus far, primarily detailing Ash’s life following the events film trilogy where he goes from supermarket stock-boy to protector of the living after reawakening a curse involving the invasion of possessed beings (aka Deadites).

You don’t necessarily need to be familiar with the Evil Dead movies in order to watch the series but if that doesn’t convince you, here are five reasons you should watch Ash Vs Evil Dead:

1. The supernatural element

ash vs evil dead cabin

The curse wreaking havoc doesn’t come from a living being but instead, an ancient book – the Necronomicon, also known as the Book of the Dead. The book, inked in human blood and bound by human flesh, has the power to conjure up Deadites, control objects, and summon demons. The Necronomicon takes center stage in the series after Ash reawakens its power and unleashes a new series of threats.

2. Equal mix of horror and comedy

ash vs evil dead ashy slashy

Ash Vs Evil Dead dives deep into the horror that made the original film franchise a success but this time around, the series creator Sam Raimi (also known for directing the Spider-Man trilogy) added a comedic tone. The equal balance of horror and comedy takes the franchise to a new level as the cast often find themselves in laugh-out-loud situations even when the threat remains high. The series even features a sinister hand puppet and a haunted forest with a mind of its own, it can’t get better than that, right?

3. Bruce Campbell

ash vs evil dead groovy

The series would have never been developed if it wasn’t for the success of the films and much of that credit goes to the franchise’s star, Bruce Campbell. He has become a notable member of the horror genre for his portrayal of Ash Williams. Campbell gives fans their beloved Ash but adds in more smart-ass dialogue and an overly-cocky attitude that seemingly came with age. He might be older but that doesn’t stop him from strapping up with his favorite shotgun and chainsaw to defend the living.

4. The trusty sidekicks

ash vs evil dead pablo kelly

One of the bright spots of the series comes in the form of Ash’s sidekicks, Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo). The two instantly join Ash’s tirade in battling the dead, even if he is reluctant at first because he considers himself more of a lone wolf. Their assistance proves detrimental in stopping the Deadites but the chemistry between the trio is a treat to watch. The series also gives us a reunion between friends and former Xena: Warrior Princess co-stars, Campbell and Lucy Lawless. Lawless plays Ruby, a hunter trying to find the source of the demonic outbreaks.

5. A modern take on vintage-style horror

ash vs evil dead horror

The series gives vintage horror fans the cheesy gore and over-the-top violence that made the initial films stand out but doesn’t stray away from modern techniques. The use of CGI is prominent and the Deadites are much more realistic, thanks to better makeup and special effects than in decades past. There are also nostalgia-filled callbacks to the Evil Dead franchise including the iconic cabin, footage from the original movies, and returning characters.

Once you start watching the series, you will probably find yourself searching for the original films and wonder why it took you so long to give them a shot. If you are already an Evil Dead fan, the series will have you craving more.

Better get watching, the third season of Ash Vs Evil Dead should be hitting Starz in the coming months!

(featured image: Starz)


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