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4 bold predictions for Rey in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

Star Wars fans still have a few more months before the next installment of the saga hit theaters, but anticipation is at an all-time high. The Last Jedi plot still remains a mystery except for a few minutes of trailer footage, but that doesn’t stop dedicated fans from speculating on each shot. There is no question Luke’s return takes center stage in Episode VIII considering he is “the last Jedi.” Now what about Rey?

star wars the last jedi luke

What do we know about The Last Jedi?

Episode VIII will begin moments after The Force Awakens left off, on the island of Ahch-To with Rey (Daisy Ridley) handing Luke (Mark Hamill) his long-lost lightsaber. According to the trailer, Luke will take Rey under his wing to teach her the ways of the Force. Meanwhile, Poe and the Resistance will be facing off full-force against the First Order, on the new planet, Crait. The majority of the characters from the previous film are split up but the on-going threat hints at a major showdown. So what role will Rey play? Here are 4 predictions for Rey in Episode VIII:

#1 Rey will unlock her full potential as a Jedi

the last jedi jedi training

For a reason we have yet to understand, Luke wants to end the Jedi Order. It is possible he has come to this conclusion after the last group of Jedi he was training were slaughtered. Rey will obviously want a dedicated mentor teaching her the powers of the Force, but will Luke be completely willing?

They say never meet your heroes, and that may be the case with Rey and Luke. The missing Skywalker has been living in isolation on Ahch-To for quite some time. There would be no surprise if Luke is reserved to train Rey – at first. The footage proves that Luke eventually gives in, but will it be Rey who motivates Luke as a mentor?

Creating your very own lightsaber is a rite of passage and it would make sense Rey will get her own in this film. She may train with Luke’s, but it would be nostalgic to see him reclaim his own. Even better if we get to see Luke use his lightsaber in action after all these years.

#2 We could see Rey become a member of the Gray Jedi

star wars rey grey jedi

Considering Luke’s thoughts on the Jedi Order, we could see his teachings involve bending the rules, more in tune with the Gray Jedi. Instead of picking the light or dark side, some Jedi are believed to stay in the gray scale. Gray Jedi are know to mix both ideologies. Could this rub off on Rey moving forward?

The red Kyber crystal around Luke’s neck could be a crucial detail for the upcoming plot. Red is a symbol heavily used for the dark side in the franchise, so it is possible Luke’s beliefs may have swayed. We will hopefully see another showdown between Rey and Kylo Ren, but maybe Gray is what she needs to get the edge on him and the takedown of the First Order.

#3 Rey will be the bridge to a Skywalker reunion

star wars skywalker reunion

Luke and Rey are primarily featured on Ahch-To but it is unlikely they will stay there long. Rey won’t stay away, especially with a war raging on other planets. I could easily see Rey eager to help her friends in the Alliance, also bringing along her trainer resulting in the much-anticipated Luke and Leia reunion.

#4 We will finally get Rey’s family history


star wars rey parents

One of the biggest questions remaining from The Force Awakens is Rey’s parents. Fans are eager to speculate and theorize who her parents might be, but her journey in the next installment will undoubtedly unlock new information involving her past. To fully connect to the Force, she will probably encounter more visions that travel deeper into her past.

Rey will most likely learn the mysteries of the Force while being on Ahch-To considering it is the site of the first Jedi Temple. Could those teachings be even more significant due to her family history?

Predictions for The Last Jedi are obviously based on speculation and are very much up for debate. Or maybe I can Jedi mind trick you to agree with my theories.

Thankfully we don’t have much more time to wait, Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15th, 2017!

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