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‘Teen Wolf’ 6×12: We need to talk about Theo Raeken

(Spoilers for Teen Wolf episode 6×12 below!) 

Okay guys. We NEED to talk about Theo Raeken in Teen Wolf 6×12.

If you follow me on twitter, you may already know about my deep love for Theo. He is such a complex character and put the pack through a lot of crap but was also a young kid influenced by some creepy, steam punk looking scientists. In many ways, Theo (and his sister) were the first victims of the Dread Doctors and their insanity. Well, that we know of anyway.

He came back to Beacon Hills with ill intentions and did some pretty messed up stuff to ensure his personal safety and gain. It didn’t go according to plan but there is no denying that Theo’s plans to break up the pack were pretty genius. Insane but genius. He was punished for his wicked ways when Kira opened up the ground and sent Theo to his be with his sister in Hell or something very Hell – like.

We saw Theo take a turn at the end of 6a but only after we saw what his personal Hell was like. After reliving the same attack from his dead sister over and over, Theo finally broke and accepted his fate at the hands of the terrifying zombie version of the sister he had killed. He let her rip his heart out because he finally realized that he deserved the punishment.


That’s when we saw a major change in Theo. He put a pin in his typical psychotic ways and started to help Liam in his quest to save everyone in 6a. It was an unlikely pairing and it was also the first time we saw Theo act unselfishly. Skip to the opener of 6×12. Theo has been sleeping in his car and morning after morning, he is woken up by the cops and told to move along. Theo has nothing and more importantly (and heartbreaking) he has nobody.

In the sequence, he has a little spider crawling on him and you can see a shift in his face. It’s not fear or worry but it looks like Theo seems to be happy that he has a bit of company. Well – until the spider burrows under his skin that is. WTF! Theo rushes to Deaton’s and stabs the spider but it disappears in a puff of black smoke. Rightfully shaken, he picks up his phone to call Scott but he can’t bring himself to do it because he messed things up with him so bad.


Then our hearts break even more when another tapping hits his window. But this time, it’s not the clearly bored officers of Beacon Hills, it’s an armed dude. And not just one. Theo is surrounded. They open fire on his truck with Theo still inside. Now, Theo is a bit of cockroach (in that he always manages to escape death) but that looked pretty bad. Like really bad and it left the fate of Theo up in the air which has me totally worried. I am ready for that redemption arc. I AM READY.

What did you think of that scene? Did they just deliver the first big death? Did Theo manage to escape the flood of bullets? Hit the comments and let us know what you think or find us on Twitter!

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